Spring 2016 UAA Leadership Honors 

 Application Deadline: 5pm, February 12

SPRING 2016 UAA Leadership Honors Application

Submit completed applications to the Advisory Committee in 
Student Life & Leadership, Student Union 218 

UAA Leadership Honors

Leadership Honors are awarded to individuals upon graduation to recognize and honor their leadership contributions to the University of Alaska Anchorage and Anchorage community while maintaining academic excellence.  Leadership activities and involvement must promote individual and collective growth, demonstrate increased engagement with the community at UAA and beyond, and showcase commitment to citizenship.  Recipients of UAA Leadership Honors are commemorated at the fall or spring Commencement ceremony, bestowed crimson honor cords, and receive a permanent notation in their academic transcript.

Award Eligibility

  • Enrolled in at least three credits at the University of Alaska Anchorage and in good disciplinary standing (at time of application and award).
  • Minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA (at time of application)
  • Demonstrated (on-going) involvement at UAA and/or Anchorage community:
    • Applicant's involvement may include memberships with campus groups, coordinating events on campus, or appointments/elected to a leadership position with an organization, committee, or board. (Note: While leadership experiences in campus student involvement may be included, involvement must be demonstrated beyond those types of paid positions.)
    • Student's involvement must contribute to the improvement of the community, UAA and beyond (i.e. the student identified a need and filled it; took initiative and made a significant difference by their involvement.)
  • Applicants must be graduating in the semester they apply.  *If graduating in summer, must apply in the following fall deadline and submit letter of intent to graduate from academic department
  • Completed application

Awarding Process

The Leadership Honors Advisory Committee is appointed by the Dean of Students and composed of two faculty/staff members and two studentsnotapplying for the honor.  Advisory committee reviews applicants on the merit of their involvement and how it enhanced student life at UAA.  Eligible applicants are not automatically guaranteed Leadership Honors. Advisory committee recommendations are submitted to the Dean of Students for final approval and award.


For additional information regarding Leadership Honors or the awarding process, contact:

Paula A. Fish, Assistant Director for Student Leadership, 907-786-1371 or email:anpau@uaa.alaska.edu


Fall 2016 - Deadline: TBA