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Welcome future Seawolves! The New Student Orientation office is proud to bring you Howl Days! Howl Days are designed for all incoming UAA students, whether you are a first-time freshman (never attended college before), transfer student, or student returning to college after a long break. Attending orientation is expected of all incoming students and gives you the opportunity to connect with UAA students, staff and faculty while getting information about life at UAA. At orientation, you will learn about registering for classes, do not forget to have your Placement Exams.

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Check out more ways to get connected!

All of our programs are set up with you in mind to help you succeed! If you are still in high school stay connected with our Seawolf Ready program, after you attend Howl Days join the wolfpack to get your questions answered with our Seawolves Connect, or give back to the community with our team as a part of Seawolves Serve.


 Meet the New Student Orientation Wolfpack! 

  • Morrigan

    New Student Orientation Manager 
    Major: Theatre, Concentration in Performance; Minor in Spanish 
    Hobbies: I enjoy performing and writing. My hope is that someday I can combine those passions to grow my career as an actress. 
    Advice for Students: If you are unsure, take some time and figure out what actually interests you. Join clubs, explore different departments and most importantly, search for your passion.

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  • Jordan

    Major: Psychology w/ concentration in Behavior Analysis
    Minor: Japanese
    Hobbies: Video games, reading comics, anime, and Youtube
    Advice for students: "Feed yourselves to the wolves!" New Experiences can feel nerve racking and/or scary, but that is why we must go out and try. They bring growth and new opportunities into our lives. Wolf=new experience, feed yourself= go out and try.

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  • Cynthia

    Major: Psychology 
    Hobbies: Dancing, adventures, and taking pictures
    Advice for students: Find your way to organize! Whether it is by writing on a planner or having a planner app, you can add all your deadlines, events, work hours, and outings onto your schedule.

    Cynthia sitting 
  • Bao

    Major: Theatre, Concentration in Performance
    Hobbies: I enjoy performing such as signing, dancing, and acting in both theatre form and film. I also like watching movies, hiking, going on road-trips and playing soccer with my family.
    Advice for Students: Participate in school's events, make connections with your professors and fellow students. Life gets tough sometimes, but you must always get back up and fight again. Do what you love, follow your passion and DARE to DREAM BIG!

    Bao sitting outside