New Student Orientation

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Students at their computers for virtual Howl Days Welcome future Seawolves! Attending orientation is expected of all incoming students and gives you the opportunity to connect with UAA students, staff and faculty while getting information about life at UAA. At orientation, you will learn about registering for classes, do not forget to have your Placement Exams.

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All of our programs are set up with you in mind to help you succeed! If you are still in highschool stay connected with our Seawolf Ready program, after you attend Howl Days join the wolfpack to get your questions answered with our Seawolves Connect, or give back to the community with our team as a part of Seawolves Serve.



Meet the New Student Orientation Wolfpack! 

  • Jocella

    Major: Pre-Nursing
    Hobbies: Going out into nature, making wire jewelry, volleyball, and spending time with those I love
    Advice for students: Learn to rest, not to quit. Being a first year student can become overwhelming, but know that it's okay to take a step back and rest instead of overworking yourself. Taking a break can help you recollect yourself and really reflect on what you need to get done.

    Profile picture of Jocella student leader leaning from tree
  • Daphne

    Major: Psychology 
    Hobbies: Traveling, spending time outdoors, photography, and videography!
    Advice for students: Take time for yourself! As a college student, you may have a lot on your plate, but it's always important to take some time to participate in self-care. 

    photo of Daphne sitting