Alcohol, Drugs, and Wellness

UAA campus in summer with mountains in background.

UAA offers students a variety of programs related to their well-being in order to create a University environment which encourages low-risk drinking choices through social-ecologically based institutional practices and policies. The Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education Program at UAA envisions a campus environment where student learning and success are unimpeded by the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. The Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Education program--housed in the Dean of Students Office--provides a variety of services and resources to students, staff, and faculty, some of which include the following:

  • Safety Awareness Month in September
  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week (NCAAW) in October
  • Alcohol and Drug-Related Programming and Presentations
  • Individual Meetings with Students and Staff Regarding Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Related Concerns
  • Alcohol and Drug Screenings
  • Information tables on current alcohol, drug, and wellness issues
  • Substance use risk-reduction courses
  • Brief interventions to address high-risk drinking behaviors or drug use
  • Referrals for intervention and treatment
  • Self-Care and Wellness Programming and Presentations


The Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Educator is available to provide presentations about alcohol, drugs, and wellness education to students, staff, and faculty.  To request a presentation, contact the ADWE directly.


  • Reduce the number of underage students who drink
  • Reduce the number of undergraduate and graduate students who practice high-risk drinking
  • Reduce the amount of alcohol consumed by high-risk drinkers to more low-risk levels
  • Correct the misperception that most college students are heavy drinkers who cause harm to themselves and others
  • Increase the effectiveness of campus alcohol policies and enforcement
  • Correct key stakeholder perceptions so that faculty, staff, advisers, and others do not perpetuate heavy drinking myths

Sarah Mills

 Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Educator
 Office: Dean of Students Office Suite, RH 122
 Phone: (907) 786-1511



Please contact the Alcohol, Drug, and Wellness Educator for information regarding the latest data from the UAA Core Alcohol and Drug Survey.