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We believe engagement enriches the student experience. Do you? 

Advising offers a real opportunity to build meaningful connections with students and fuel their passions. An active advisor can be transformational to the success of student organizations and their members. 

As an organization advisor, student organizations look to you for guidance on many university processes and procedures.

We know that supporting student organizations is a team effort, so we are committed to being your first line of support in the ongoing process of educating leaders and empowering organizations to succeed.

Interested in Advising?

If you agree that students learn as much out of the classroom as they do in one, then you’re just the kind of person we’re looking for. When you become a student organization advisor, you'll interact with students in a totally different way. 

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  • Joseph Longuevan, Economics Club President, sits in the UAA spine sporting an Econ Club t-shirt

    Joseph Longuevan

    “Being part of a club has provided me opportunities to get together with other students to host fun events, engage with the community–in and outside of academia, and gain team building experience.”

    Economics Club President 2019-2020 | BA Economics '20
  • Latino Student Union

    Isabel Azpilcueta

    "The things that I do on campus and the people who are part of my life always help me to stay motivated and keep moving forward."

    Latino Student Union Treasurer 2018-2020 | BS Chemistry

  • Alpha Sigma Alpha President

    Tanya Charoonsophonsak

    "There is little at risk but so much more to gain by getting involved on campus."

    Alpha Sigma Alpha President 2020 | BS Medical Laboratory Science 

Role of the Advisor

All student organizations are required to identify a UAA faculty or staff advisor every year. Advisors are invited to formally accept the Advisor Agreement on UAALife, our student organization management portal. 

Advisors can play many roles: Mentor, Team Builder, Conflict Mediator, Educator, Mentor and Policy Interpreter.

Given the wide range of purposes, activities, and objectives of student groups across the campus community, your role as an advisor may vary. Time and time again, we see that the advisors that give the most, get the most.


Advisor Tips

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you help your student organization.

  • Establish Expectations

    No matter your style, it is important that you develop an understanding with the organization as to the nature of your involvement.  The advisor and organization should agree on shared expectations at the beginning of the active term. 

    Questions to Establish Expectations with Student Organizations

    • Which student leaders should I meet with regularly? When is a good time for us to check in?
    • How can we stay connected in the meantime? What email or contact information do you prefer using?
    • What kinds of activities is the organization interested in? How can I help connect you to opportunities that matter the most?
    • What do members want out of their involvement? Why do they join?
  • Be Knowledgeable

    Student leaders are asked to know quite a lot. Every President and Treasurer is required to complete Officer Orientation and score an 80% or higher on their Officer Orientation test.

    The orientation covers university event and spending policies, travel processes and activity guidelines that even faculty and staff follow. Your experience informs theirs. 

    Here are some ways you can stay knowledgeable about student organization management: 

  • Spread the Word

    In the Classroom
    The number one reported priority of student organizations year after year is simple: recruitment. 

    Your work on campus touches ten times as many students as members themselves do. Use the classroom as place to explore the possibilities and connect students to organization that can fuel the fire within them. 

    Out of the Classroom
    When you engage with colleagues, industry partners or local organizations as a member of the university community, you are forging relationships that may change students' lives.

    Use those interactions as an opportunity to share student stories, build awareness about the student org, and find opportunities. 


Student Organization Services

The small, but mighty team in Student Org Services (SOS) empowers engagement in UAA's student organization community. SOS is here to support you in your journey as an org advisor.

SOS consultations are available on-campus and online.

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