Fraternity and Sorority Life

Every year, fraternity and sorority chapters of UAA welcome new members to the Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) community. 

This process, called Recruitment, is designed to help you find where you belong. With three fraternities and two sororities, recruitment is your chance to learn about the opportunities and join an organization that empowers the values you hold.

As a potential new member (PNM), you can find information about our chapters, councils, the recruitment process and sign up for 2021 Recruitment.

The Experience

 Every FSL experience begins with recruitment. 

  • Brooke Badura, Sigma Sigma Sigma President at sorority leadership conference

    Brooke Badura

    "I was brought to fall formal recruitment by my best friend, to join a sorority. Originally I wasn’t interested in joining - I was merely there for support. But once I saw how involved the sorority women were, I knew that I wanted to be just like them. They were women of character, poised and professional - and they had a huge support system. It was exactly what I needed."

    Sigma Sigma Sigma

  • Ryan Phipps raises the Alpha Sigma Phi flag

    Ryan Phipps

    "I had a friend who was in the process of joining ΑΣΦ who brought me into recruitment. FSL has helped me immensely with making friends on campus and giving myself a community to be involved within."

    Alpha Sigma Phi

  • Taylor Rofidal at Delta Chi formal

    Taylor Rofidal

    "I joined Delta Chi my freshman year. [With the fraternity,] I have a support group which gives me help on academics and fun activities in between to round out my experience."

    Delta Chi

The Process

Even online, fraternity and sorority recruitment is a rewarding process that builds meaningful connections with the community. From start to finish, here's what to expect.

This fall, sorority and fraternity councils have planned recruitment experiences online and in-person. Sign up for Fraternity or Sorority Recruitment at the top of this page.

After submitting your information, the Council responsible for your recruitment experience will send you information about upcoming events and activities.

Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment is an experience designed to help you get to know the community and to help the community get to know you. 

Whether you're taking classes online, on-campus or a mix of both, fraternity and sorority organizations connect online and in-person off-campus with safety precautions and social distancing measures in place. You should feel empowered to participate in these opportunities to the extent that you are comfortable and willing. 

Chapters extend bids to PNMs to invite them to join the organization. 

After receiving one or more bids from FSL chapters, it's your time to decide! Accept a bid to formally join the chapter where you belong.

Accept your Bid


The Anti-Hazing Guarantee

All members (alumni & students) of the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council abide by these hazing policies:

The University of Alaska Anchorage Fraternity and Sorority Community, its governing councils, and its member organizations are unconditionally opposed to any situations created to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. Freedom from humiliation and danger is guaranteed to every member of the UAA Fraternity and Sorority Community. 

Report any violations of this guarantee immediately to Allie Hartman, the Student Organization Coordinator, at or 907-786-1217. All reports will be fully investigated, and reporter information will remain confidential.

The Lingo

With a history rich in tradition, FSL leans on words and phrases that may be unfamiliar. 

  • FSL
    An abbreviation for "Fraternity & Sorority Life," FSL refers to the community of fraternity and sorority organizations, members and leaders that share experiences through events, service and volunteer opportunities, fundraising, scholarship and more!
  • PNM
    An abbreviation for "Potential New Member," PNM is the term used to refer to individuals interested in joining FSL. PNMs are welcomed into the community for recruitment events, but have not yet accepted membership to a specific chapter. 
  • Interfraternity Council (IFC)

    IFC is the governing body for UAA's fraternities. The IFC is made up of four executive positions: President, Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Administrative Affairs. The voting powers of IFC are vested in the Presidents' Council, made up of the presidents of each fraternity.

    IFC elections occur every fall for a calendar year term. 

  • Panhellenic Council (PHC)

    PHC is the governing body for UAA's sororities. The PHC is made up of four executive positions: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. The voting powers of PHC are vested in Chapter Delegates, representatives elected by each chapter.

    Panhellenic Officers are the stewards of a woman's recruitment into a sorority organization. Officers remove themselves entirely from their affiliated chapters to help you find where you belong. The Council stewards your journey as the single point of entry to learn about both chapters, mentors through the process and, ultimately, the women who welcome you into the community, regardless of where you go. 


    PHC elections occur every fall for a calendar year term. The opportunity to serve in executive positions alternates between chapters in pairs: President-Secretary and Vice President-Treasurer.

  • Bid
    A "bid" is an invitation to join a chapter. Chapters distribute bids to eligible PNMs after recruitment activities have concluded. After receiving a bid, PNMs can decide to accept or reject the bid.