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Orientation: Howl Days

Welcome future Seawolves! Howl Days Orientations are designed for all incoming UAA students, whether you are a first-time freshman (never attended college before), transfer student, or student returning to college after a long break. Attending orientation is expected of all incoming students and gives you the opportunity to connect with UAA students, staff and faculty while getting information about life at UAA. At orientation, you will register for classes, as long as you have completed your required Placement Exams.


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Howl Days are free for prospective students ($25 for guests). Get answers to all your UAA questions, tour campus, register for classes, and transition successfully into college life.

Most orientations are a full-day experience. During orientations, you will experience and learn about all UAA offers. Including:

  • Register for classes!
  • Make new friends (meet new and current students, faculty and staff).
  • Learn how to get engaged on campus
  • Tour UAA, and much more!

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Academic Advising at Howl Days

Bachelor Degree and Associate of Arts Students

Incoming students seeking any Bachelor's degree, or in the Associate of Arts program, will be advised by First Year Student Advising and Success in an assigned Pathway.  Course selection will depend upon first year course matching, test scores and consultation with a First Year Advisor at orientation.

Other Undergraduate Students

Incoming students seeking an Occupational Endorsement Certificate, Undergraduate Certificate, any Associate of Applied Science degree, or who are non-degree seeking will be advised by an Academic Advisor during, or before, orientation.


Orientation Leaders: Wolf Pack



Major: Theatre, Concentration in Performance
Hobbies: I enjoy performing such as signing, dancing, and acting in both theatre form and film. I also like watching movies, hiking, going on road-trips and playing soccer with my family.
Advice for Students: Participate in school's events, make connections with your professors and fellow students. Life gets tough sometimes, but you must always get back up and fight again. Do what you love, follow your passion and DARE to DREAM BIG!



Major: Psychology
Hobbies: I like playing soccer, photography, and traveling.
Advice for Students: Time management is a big part of college. We all have a lot on our plates like balancing school, work, family, and other aspects of life. Use a planner to write important deadlines or assignments and be aware of them. It's important to know your priorities and of course, take care of yourself throughout the semester.



New Student Orientation Manager
Major: Theatre, Concentration in Performance; Minor in Spanish
Hobbies: I enjoy performing and writing. My hope is that someday I can combine those passions to grow my career as an actress.
Advice for Students: If you are unsure, take some time and figure out what actually interests you. Join clubs, explore different departments and most importantly, search for your passion.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if I can't attend or need to change my date?

    If you cannot attend, please let orientation know more than five business days in advance and they will reschedule you for a different orientation or send you the link to our Virtual Orientation.

    Please limit the amount of times you change orientations to ONE time, out of courtesy for other students. If you are changing, please do so no later than five business days before your orientation date, unless you must reschedule or cancel due to circumstances beyond your control.

    To change orientations, simply resubmit a new registration form.

  • How do I pay for a guest?

    The guest fee(s) will be charged directly to your UAA student account. This is the same account where you can view tuition charges, class charges, and university charges. Your account can be accessed by logging on to UAOnline.

    A Title IV Authorization Form will be sent to you immediately following your registration to authorize the guest fee to be covered by federal financial aid, if you are receiving any. You do not need to complete the Title IV authorization form if you are only receiving private scholarships or loans, or are paying out-of-pocket.

  • Where can I stay if I'm coming from out of town?
    • Spring Hill Suites is located close to campus, and can be reached at 1- (800) 314-0783.
    • Residence Inn, which can be reached at (907) 563-9844.
    • The Best Western Golden Lion Hotel, which can be reached at (907) 561-1522.
  • What should I bring to orientation?
    Bring your phone and a notebook. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather, orientation includes a lot of walking inside and outside, regardless of the weather that orientation day. 
  • Where do I park?

    Parking is free for participants during Howl Days Orientation events. Where you park varies depending on the location of your orientation. Parking locations may be viewed in Google Maps or on the campus map.