Vehicle Rentals

VEHICLE RENTAL (motor pool)

This service provides rentable University vehicles to meet the needs of University programs.  Vehicles are not available for rent by the general public or employees for personal use.  The rental must be tied to program or campus service/event and billed to an org/fund.  Depending on your program needs, billable rates include hourly, daily or weekly pricing (see rates below).

Drivers who operate University vehicles rented from the motor pool are required to meet  the UA Safe Driver Requirements, with all requirements being noted as "complete" by the department supervisor.  Transportation does not maintain these records, however they are to be maintained by the responsible (renting) department.

Please review the following links before determining if renting a vehicle from the Transportation Department is appropriate for your needs.  If so, then please complete the Motorpool Rental Request Form


The following are examples of what vehicles UAA Transportation has available for rental purposes. Occasionally, we can accommodate special requests for alternate vehicles.

  • Rental Vehicles

    The Transportation Department is a self-sustaining organization and rental rates are set at a level that assures recovery of the cost of doing business.

    • Rates are based on the cost to operate/maintain/replace the vehicles but less than the average local commercial daily rates.
    • Hourly rates are 1/3 of a daily rate.
    • Weekly rates are based on 5 day rental rates (up to 7 consecutive days).
    • Vehicles are full of fuel and clean when they are picked up and users are charged for any refueling or excessive cleaning required. Damage beyond fair wear and tear will be charged to the renting department.
    Vehicle Type Hourly Rate Daily Rate Weekly Rate
    4x4 F250 Pickup $24 $70 $350
    7-Passenger Van $34 $96 $480
    11-Passenger Van $34 $96 $480
    11-Passenger Sprinter N/A $150 $900
    2-Person Cargo Van $27 $80 $400


  • Fee Calculation and Billing

    Rental fees are charged to the account number designated by the requesting department. Rental fees are based on the chart above.

    Daily rental charges are calculated from 7:00AM until 7:00AM the next morning, regardless of the time the vehicle was checked out. 

    Long-term/permanently assigned rentals are charged monthly or quarterly.

    Operating Costs Covered by the Transportation

    The following costs are covered by the vehicle rental fee:

    • Emergency purchases such as tires and batteries
    • Towing and repair charges resulting from a mechanical breakdown

    Regular maintenance services will be performed at the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop on all University-owned vehicles, regardless of whether they are short or long-term rentals.

    Operating Costs Not Covered by the Rental Fee

    • Fuel
    • Special parking fees
    • Traffic or parking fines, including penalties for late payments
    • Vehicle damage resulting from negligence and/or off-road use of a vehicle
    • Cleaning services for unusually dirty vehicles
  • Off-Road and Gravel Roads use
    Travel on trails, non-paved and /or gravel roads, such as the Dalton Highway (Haul Rd), the Denali Highway, the Taylor Highway, the Elliott Highway and the McCarthy Highway must be pre-arranged. Daily rentals will be charged $1.15 per mile, or the daily rate, whichever is higher. Only select AWD or 4x4 vehicles are allowed off-road.
  • Reimbursement

    If an operator need to purchase service for repairs from a source other than the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop, the operator should:

    1. Obtain permission from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop for any repairs.
    2. If personal funds are used, verify that the services rendered are covered by the rental fee agreement and record the vehicle license number and vehicle number on all receipts (reimbursement will be in the form of credit toward the rental price).
    3. Bring the original receipts to the Motor Pool Office for verification of charges and rental dates.
    • Original receipts must be legible, have the vendors name, date and description of the products and services purchased, and the monetary amount paid.
    • Credit card receipts that are not complete may be returned.
    • Include the vehicle number on all receipts.
  • Cancellations

    Charters may be cancelled the day of the event.  If the driver(s) has already arrived as scheduled, the 2-hour minimum billing will be incurred.  If the driver(s) has not arrived, the Charter will be cancelled at no charge.

    Motorpool/Rental Vehicle may be cancelled up until the time of pick-up without incurring any charges.

  • Billing Inquiries

    The Transportation Office 786-6935 or Work Management 786-6980 should be contacted regarding any billing discrepancies.

    It is helpful to have the following information when contacting the office:

    • Work order Number
    • Vehicle number

The Motor Pool Office does offer charter services. For further information contact the Transportation Department at 786-6935.

Reservation request must be submitted on-line.  Please call 786-6935 if you have questions about the on-line reservation form.

If the requested pickup date and time is less than 24 hours from the time of the request, call the Transportation Office directly at 786-6935. Every effort will be made to fill a last minute request, however vehicle availability cannot always be guaranteed.

Rentals for less than six (6) months are classified as "short-term" and requestors are required to give a definite return date. Vehicles are reserved on a "first requested, first confirmed" basis. Thoughtful planning is advised to ensure vehicle availability since it is difficult to provide a vehicle on short notice.

You will need the following information to make a reservation:

  • Department name and phone number
  • Account number
  • Destination and purpose of trip
  • The date and time the vehicle is to be picked up and returned
  • Type and number of vehicle(s) requested and any special equipment needs.


When canceling a vehicle reservation, contact the Transportation Office at 786-6935 as soon as possible.

Persons Authorized to Use Motor Pool Vehicles

Transportation Rental Vehicles are to be used for official University business only.

Authorized Renters and Drivers:

  • UAA Faculty with valid UAA identification
  • UAA Staff with valid UAA identification
  • Student groups approved by office of the Director of Student Activities

Any questions concerning this authorized list may be addressed by calling the Motor Pool Office, 786-6935. Allowing an unauthorized driver to operate a University vehicle, may invalidate the University's insurance coverage and will make the renter and/or department responsible for damages.

Vehicles Use Restrictions:

  • Vehicle may be used for official University purposes only, regardless of the source of travel funds.
  • University vehicles whether on short or long-term rental may not be used for transportation between personal residencies and the University campus or another University stations unless previously authorized.
  • Operators must observe commonly accepted rules of courtesy toward pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Operators must use and park the vehicle in a manner that will not reflect unfavorably on the University.

Off-road/Haul Road Use

The University's rental fleet contains pickup trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles that are available for off-road/Haul Road use. Other fleet vehicles such as passenger vans and sedans are not designed to be driven off-road and should only be driven on approved paved streets and highways. Operating a vehicle off-road without prior Motor Pool Office approval may result in the suspension or loss of rental privileges.


The UAA is self-insured for vehicle collisions. There is a $2,500 deductible on the insurance that will be charged to the department who rented the vehicle.


The University maintains liability coverage for all University vehicles. This coverage protects authorized operators from claims of third parties for bodily injury or property damage, provided the vehicle was operated for and on behalf of the University.

Personal Injury

Students and passengers who are not University employees are not insured by the worker's Compensation Program and are responsible for providing their own medical insurance.

Personal Property

The University does not provide insurance coverage for personal property. Individuals are responsible for this coverage.

Picking Up Vehicles

The following is necessary to pick up a vehicle:

  • Valid drivers license
  • Expired licenses will not be accepted

Vehicles are presumed to be in good condition when released by the Transportation Office. However, operators should examine the vehicle prior to use and report any visible body damage to the Transportation Office.

In addition to inspecting the vehicle for body damage, the operator should also ensure that lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, etc. are in working order and emergency equipment such as flares are provided.

Parking University Vehicles on Campus

University vehicles may be parked in designated areas on campus without purchasing a UAA parking permit (see the exception under "operating costs not covered by the rental fee" Rental Rates, Terms and Conditions). However, there are areas on campus where parking may result in a citation, these areas include:

  • Areas with official signs prohibiting parking
  • Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
  • In fire lanes
  • Wheelchair and disability lots and spaces
  • Spaces specifically designated for other departments
  • "Reserved" spaces
  • Loading zones for over the posted time period
  • In front of any gate, ramp, or other area parking would block access. In these situations the vehicle may be towed.
  • If you are unsure where to park a University vehicle contact the Parking Services Office 786-1119

Parking University Vehicles Off campus

  • University vehicles are not exempt from parking fees at parking lots or meters
  • Operators are personally responsible for parking violations and towing and/or storage resulting from parking violations

Parking a Personal Vehicle at Fleet Services

A privately owned vehicle may be parked in the North Lot while renting a University vehicle. A UAA parking decal or temporary parking permit will be issued upon request by the Parking Office on the day the vehicle is checked out. Personal vehicles may not park in spaces reserved for Physical Plant/Vehicle Pool Vehicles.

Returning During Operating Hours

Vehicles may be returned between 7:00AM and 3:00PM Monday through Friday. Prior to returning the keys to the Transportation Office the vehicle must be parked in the North Lot on the north-side of the GHH building.

Returning After Operating Hours

The vehicle must be parked in the North Lot on the north-side of the GHH building. The key locked in the vehicle and confirm all doors are secured.

Late Return Penalties

Operators are requested to return vehicles promptly. When circumstances necessitate a change in the time of return, the Transportation Office should be notified before the originally scheduled return date. Failure to return a vehicle as agreed will result in a penalty of the daily rate until the vehicle is returned.

Returning a Long-term/Permanently Assigned Vehicle

Departments leasing a vehicle for an indefinite time period should notify the Transportation Office as the intended return date is known.

Daily Rental Vehicles

Each daily rental vehicle comes with a full tank of fuel. In the Anchorage area, obtain all necessary vehicles services from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop. Outside the Anchorage area obtain permission from the Vehicle and Equipment Repair Shop for any repairs and keep all receipts from the repair shop.

  • Emergencies

    In case of collision, theft or vandalism

    If you are on campus please call the University Police Department (907) 786-1120, otherwise call 911, and obtain a police report number for your incident.

    Additionally,  complete the necessary Statewide Risk Origami report.  Access the incident report by following this link -  - and click the "online incident reporting" box found at the top of the page.

    In the event of an afterhours UAA vehicle emergency (M-F after 3:30pm, weekends or holidays) please contact the University Police Department at (907) 786-1120. UPD will provide assistance in reaching appropriate Fleet Services staff to assist w/ vehicle towing.

    Vehicles should be towed back to the Gordon Hartlieb Hall on main campus  (North or West Campus Central Parking Lots) so that Fleet Services can evaluate damage, and perform or coordinate necessary repairs.

  • Maintenance
    The UAA Fleet Services Department is located at 3300 Seawolf Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, in UAA's Gordon Hartleib Hall.  The goal of our full service department is to provide quality service, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

    Fleet Services Hours of Operation:
    7:00am to 3:30pm, Monday thru Friday
    Phone: (907) 786-6408 or (907)786-6980
    Fax: (907) 786-6989

    Patrick Wilcox
    Phone: (907) 786-6986
    E-mail:, Fleet Services Manager

    Maintenance Policy
    Operators of UAA vehicles are required to obtain all repairs and maintenance services from UAA's Fleet Shop.  An example of some of these services are:

    • Oil changes
    • Car wash services
    • All repairs and general maintenance
    • Emergency services
    • Body damage (evaluations and/or repair)
    • Major repairs require authorization from the Fleet Services