Vehicle Rentals & Charters

UAA's Transportation Department has a variety of vehicle available to meet your transportation needs!  Typically we reference two types of services....

VEHICLE RENTAL (motorpool)

This service provides rentable University vehicles to meet the needs of University programs.  Vehicles are not available for rent by the general public or employees for personal use.  The rental must be tied to program or campus service/event and billed to an org/fund.  Depending on your program needs, billable rates include hourly, daily or weekly pricing (see rates below).

Drivers who operate University vehicles rented from the motorpool are required to meet  the UA Safe Driver Requirements, with all requirements being noted as "complete" by the department supervisor.  Transporation does not maintain these records, however they are maintained by the responsible (renting) department.

Please review the following links before determining if renting a vehicle from the Transportation Department is appropriate for your needs.  If so, then please complete the Motorpool Rental Request Form

Seawolf Shuttles are available to meet the transportation needs for University programs - athletics, academics and administration.  Charters are not available for personal or public groups.  Charters must be tied to a program or campus service/event and billed to an org/fund.   Please see rates below.

A professional driver is provided for all charters.  Scheduling is typically accomplished two-weeks in advance of a trip and all charters are filled on a first-come-first-served basis, so please complete the Charter Request Form to secure your reservation.

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