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Concur Cancel/Modification instructions

Please see the below Adobe Acrobat document with instructions on cancelling or modifying a trip in Concur

Cancelling a trip in Concur

News and Updates--Accounts Payable

UAA Cashiering Office Petty Cash Elimination

Starting FY21, UAA Cashiering will no longer accept Petty Cash Vouchers for reimbursement. There are two options for individuals to be reimbursed for business purchases:

Instructions for both forms can be found here.

Anchorage Campus Cashiering Office Petty Cash Elimination Memo

News and Updates--Travel


11/09/2021: Concur Adding Approver Instructions During COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

International Travel

Due to the University of Alaska COVIDÔÇÉ19 Policy Guidance Travel Restrictions, UAA international travel requests need to be forwarded to Tim Edwards, UAA Director of Safety, and Sean Parnell, UAA Chancellor, for approval after the travelers Supervisor, Cost Object Approver, or other department approvers. Community campus international travel requests need to be forwarded to the appropriate Community Campus Director for approval after Tim Edwards and before Chancellor Parnell. UAA international travel that is not approved by Tim Edwards and Chancellor Parnell will not be  reimbursed.  Community campus international travel that is not approved by Tim Edwards, Chancellor Parnell and the appropriate Community Campus Director will not be reimbursed. 

Please review the international travel instructions and domestic travel instructions on how to and who to add as an approver for travel requests in Concur during the current travel restrictions.

2021 Mileage Rates

The mileage rate for 2021 is $.56 per mile. Please use the current mileage form for any non-travel related reimbursement, or the Concur Mileage Calculator for any travel related reimbursement.

Reconciling Airfare with an Unused Ticket Credit Guide

Concur Traveler Training Schedule

All UAA departments have been invited to begin to use Concur. Employee travelers are required to attend a training session before they can use Concur and obtain the new UA Travel Card. Please fill out the registration form for one of the following Zoom sessions:

  • Thursday November 11 from 10:00am - 12:00pm
  • Wednesday December 1 from 1:00pm - 3:00pm 

News and Updates--Misc

Single-Use Account Payments: The University of Alaska Single Use Accounts (SUA) payment solution is a strategic initiative aimed at replacing check payments with card payments. By enabling vendors to receive payment from the University of Alaska on outstanding invoices via credit card, vendors will see faster payments, improved cash flow and reduced paperwork. To learn more about how SUA works, the many benefits of accepting payments by credit card, and answers to frequently asked questions about Single-Use Accounts, please visit this informational page.

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