Wolf Card

Wolfcard Image
Information about the Wolfcard: 

  • It's your official UAA ID
  • It's your library card
  • It's your U-Pass - Free use of the City Bus System/Valley Mover*
  • It's your access to movies, concerts, and all venues in the Seawolf Sports Complex.
  • It's a way to pay for many services on campus, like printing and meals.
  • It's convenient: Forget about carrying cash, checks or credit cards.
  • It's fast: the WolfCard will always have exact change, so it's faster than cash!

*Payment of transportation fee required


New WolfCards:  UAA is in the process of upgrading our building card access systems (door locks).  Part of this project is to issue new WolfCards with chips in them.  New Wolfcards have been mailed to current students and staff.  If you got your WolfCard in the mail and have not yet self-registered it, please go here to do that.  If you did not recieve your Wolfcard in the mail, please go to the Eugene Short Hall to obtain it.  Please take this opportunity to make sure your mailing address is up to date in UAOnline.  Once you receive and activate your new WolfCard, your old WolfCard will no longer work, so it should be destroyed. 

For the 2021 Academic Year, we are not charging for replacement Wolfcards on the UAA Main Campus.

Online card access now available!

eAccounts: Click here to deposit Wolfbucks on to your card with credit card, to see a list of your recent transactions, or to make a guest deposit to someone else's card.  This website is a little slow to load, so please be patient as it loads.
--Apple and Android eAccounts phone apps also available!  Search under "Transact E-Accounts" in the app store.