Alternative Transportation

Seawolf Shuttle

Keep your life easy. Leave your car parked and let the Shuttle get you where you need to go on campus. View the schedule and route information or learn about texting and GPS for Shuttle location

UAA Shuttle parked waiting for students.


Link AK Logo

Same great service, Brand new provider.
Users of LinkAK will enjoy the following benefits:

Trip matching with others (carpool and more): Save time, money and reduce your impact by finding fellow Seawolfs taking similar trips. Simply set your origin and destination for a regular or one-time trip. LinkAK will match the user with others who have a similar travel plan.

You can search and view potential trip matches that are based upon a specific radius from the origin, destination and along the route. Once an original search has been entered, users are able to easily modify their search, save it for later, or go back and review their recent searches. Users should save and share trips as "favorites" so others can match with them.

Explore your Options: LinkAK will provide a range of travel options for a user’s trip and the impacts associated with each choice. This will help you make an informed decision about your trip.

Track your Impact: Track your trip choices to see the impact on your costs and local environment, receive rewards, and compete with fellow residents and employees in your area. By tracking travel choices in a diary, users will receive digital badges that can be shared on social media for actions such as “first alternative trip logged” or “first bicycle trip.” Top performers for each travel mode will also be displayed on a digital leaderboard. Tracking trips may also enter a user in a contest or campaign.



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Anchorage Share-A Ride serves the Municipality of Anchorage by promoting alternatives to riding alone in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. In addition to offering rideshare services, Share-A-Ride promotes transit, vanpooling, carpooling, biking, and walking.


People Mover 

Enjoy a ride on one of People Mover's many routes and save yourself money and the inconvenience of finding a parking place.

Curious about riding People Mover? Check out People Mover's tips on how to plan your next trip across town.

Anchorage Peoplemover waiting for students


Student enjoying a ride on a rental bike.

Rent a Bike! Contact the Student Union Front Desk 786-1204 or the front desk at the Commons 751-7202 for more information. 

Store your bike in a dry place. Covered bike racks are available on campus at the Library, RH and by the ISB. Or if you choose, you can put your bike in a bike locker. These are located in the Central Garage and behind the Student Union. (it takes a quarter, but you get the money back when you return the key).

Ride People Mover or Valley Mover with your bike.  Check out Valley Movers video and learn how to use the bike rack.  People Mover's Bike to Bus information page also has some helpful tips. Remember with your current Wolfcard you can ride for FREE.

Explore biking around Anchorage. Bike maps help you navigate around Anchorage (you can pick up a paper copy a the SU Info Desk or at Parking Services). If you want information on biking around Anchorage or want to participate in Anchorage's annual Bike-to-Work day visit their website.