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Staff Recognition Award Recipients

The UAA Staff Council would like to recognize those employees who go the extra mile.  There are many ways an employee may contribute to the success of UAA.  This may include a suggestion or action approved and implemented by management that improves a process, outstanding customer service, and/or when an employee has gone above and beyond in their regular work assignment or a special project.

Past Recipients

Staff Council Awardee

January 2019 Staff Recogintion Award Winner

The January Staff Council Recognition Award was presented to Rhiannon Elliott on March 6, 2019. Rhiannon was nominated by numerous students and colleagues for going above and beyond in her work as an Academic Advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences at UAA. Rhiannon has made an impact in her work by creating unique, highly effective four-year plans. She provides outstanding services and support to faculty and students, and her work is appreciated throughout the UAA community. 



Kim Frost the 2018 February Staff Council Recognition Award Winner being presented with her award by Carol Swartz Director of Kachemak Bay Campus
Kimberly Frost
Student & Enrollment Services Coordinator
Kachemak Bay Campus

February 2018 Staff Recogintion Award Winner

Everyday Kim Frost brings her knowledge of how the UAA system works and explains it well to incoming students. She is an original thinker and hard worker and is one of the reasons for the success of our Semester By the Bay program in Homer. Kim is also on the Recruitment Committee that Director Gary Turner has said is the best that we have ever had at KPC. She absolutely understands how important customer service is to incoming and registered students, their families, and all other people who call her on a daily basis. She helps faculty create innovative curriculum to make classrooms new and improved learning environments. Kim puts in lots of work with the Recruitment Team and helping KPC in reaching out to as many students as we possibly can while making sure that the students we do have get the help they need.


Neicha McCray from Student Health & Counseling Center presented with the 2017 November Staff Recognition Award by Ryan Hill from Staff Council as well as others from Student Health & Counseling CenterNeicha McCray
Fiscal Coordinator
Student Health & Counseling Center

November 2017 Staff Recognition Award Winner

Neicha McCray sees a challenge and strives for a resolution rather than defeat every time.  She is the kind of positive influence all departments want to have on their team. She also takes tremendous pride in being a UAA employee and ambassador for UAA and SHCC, and strives to make sure the SHCC shines as a light house and a safe haven for student to come for the support and care they need.  She truly loves to help others and wants to see the students, SHCC, and UAA succeed in a positive and healthy environment.  She is simply a unique and incredible person.

Don Walker from Facilities Maintenance and Operations presented with the 2017 October Staff Recognition Award by Ryan Hill and Brenda Levesque from Staff Council as well as Heather Pawlak

Don Walker
Shuttle Driver
Facilities Maintenance and Operations

October 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Don Walker's primary concern includes student health and welfare, with good nutrition being top priority on his list.  As an ambassador of good will for our students, he provides a “buffet” of snacks such as packages oatmeal, granola bars, fruit snacks and Top Ramen aboard his shuttle.  He also makes it a point to share details with student riders on any free breakfasts and lunch opportunities on campus.  It shows how Don’s unselfish willingness to help feed our students.

Rebekah Moras from Center for Human Development presented with the 2017 September Staff Recognition Award by Karen Heath (supervisor), Annette Alfonsi (nominator), and Liz Winfree on behalf of Staff Council

Rebekah Moras
Research and Evaluation Professional
Center for Human Development

September 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Rebekah Moras consistently adds energy, innovation, and kindness to projects.  She has booths at various events sharing CHD projects and networking to know what else is going on in the state so that CHD can stay updated and involved in fostering partnerships and building relationships with other groups. She has an empathic, patient-driven, diversity welcoming, and dignity maintaining perspective.

Korrena Dunham from Mat-Su College presented with the 2017 August UAA Staff Recognition Award by Sandy Gravely on behlaf of Staff Council
Korrena Dunham

Financial Aid Officer
Mat-Su College - Student Services

August 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Koreena Dunham's goal for each and every day is to go above and beyond her regular workday duties to assist others.  It is her personal goal to help each and every student be successful. She puts on the Veteran’s Day Affairs every year at the Mat-Su campus; she stands up for all of our Veterans and for everything they have done for our country.  She always takes that extra mile for those in need of assistance.

Kara Joseph from Office of New Student Recruitment recived the 2017 May UAA Staff Recognition Award

Kara Joseph
Transfer Recruiter
Office of New Student Recruitment
(received the award when she was the Office Manager for Center for Community Engagement & Learning (CCEL))

 May 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Kara Joseph runs a very complicated office with varied complex tasks that requires her to have a very wide range of skills and expertise.  The many faculty and students who participate with CCEL value her as a colleague and mentor.  The processes and practices she has brought to CCEL have made it possible for the center to empower the practice of community engagement at UAA.

Craig Mead from Office of New Student Recruitment presented with the 2017 April UAA Staff Recognition Award by Liz Winfree and Ryan Hill of Staff Council

Craig Mead
Transfer Recruiter
Office of New Student Recruitment

April 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Craig Mead is a vital member of New Student Recruitment, arguably the glue holding everything together. He is always willing to go above and beyond to help the team, often without being prompted.He is constantly brainstorming and looking for ideas to use for working toward our team's vision and goals and keeps us all moving forward. When working with prospective students, he does far more than required, taking whatever time is needed to ensure a student's questions are answered accurately and thoroughly; if he doesn't know an answer, instead of handing the student off blindly to someone else, he'll find it for them and connect them to the right person. 

Harriet Paule from College of Health presented with the 2017 March UAA Staff Recognition Award by Brenda Levesque and Ryan Hill of Staff Council

Harriet Paule
Executive Administrative Assistant
College of Health

March 2017 UAA Staff Recognition Award Recipient

Harriet Paule can always be called upon with questions and if she doesn't have the answer, she’ll find it or find the solution. She is always cheerful and happy.  Her attitude is positive and responses are always for the good of all and the University.  It doesn't matter if more work comes her way, she smiles and accomplishes all tasks.