Weather Closure

University of Alaska Anchorage campus will be closed September 24, 2021 beginning at 6:40 AM, due to weather. Students and employees should check their email for more information. The university will remain closed for the weekend and reopen on Monday morning.

The Alaska Airlines Center will be open Saturday, September 25, for the home volleyball match that afternoon.


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What Governance Does

The University of Alaska's governance system provides a forum and mechanism whereby faculty, staff, and students may present issues and positions for discussion throughout the university system; whereby they may seek mutual support, may speak with a common voice and may act together on issues affecting the general welfare of the university system community as a whole. The governance system is established by the University of Alaska Board of Regents Policy 03.01.01. Voting members are elected to unified constituent groups by their peers. UAA's Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Union of Students constituent groups provide voting representation to the University Assembly. Representative groups provide representation to the system wide governance bodies. Alumni Association also exist at the three universities.

UAA Governance (made up of faculty, staff, and student constituent groups):

  • Officially represents the university in community matters which affect the University's general welfare and its educational purposes and effectiveness;
  • Serves as an advisory, coordinating and legislative body having as a primary function the making of recommendations regarding policy and regulation;
  • Provides consulting services to the UAA Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellors, System Governance Council, President, and Board of Regents; and serves as an instrument by which information of interest and concern may be freely collected, shared, and discussed by the university community.


3211 Providence Dr., ADM 219
Anchorage, AK 99508
Heidi Tilicki, Governance Coordinator
786-1994 or