Alumni of Distinction Awards

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Purpose and Philosophy

The Alumni of Distinction awards provide the UAA Alumni Association the opportunity to recognize and celebrate alumni who have made important contributions in their communities and whose actions honor the legacy of excellence at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Please read our Selection Process below, as some of our nomination guidelines have changed.

Award Categories

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Awarded to an alumnus or alumna who has attained prominence through his or her industry, profession or voluntary service and demonstrates sustained excellence, integrity, motivation and dedication in the sphere of their expertise. There is an expectation that the nominee is in the middle or toward the sunset of what is, or has been, a long-term distinguished career or role.

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Awarded to an alumnus or alumna who has made a positive and significant impact in the lives of others. This may be through voluntary service or a chosen profession. The recipient exhibits integrity and a commitment to service that is long-standing.

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Awarded to an alumnus or alumna who has made a positive impact in his or her community, industry or profession. There is an expectation that the nominee is in the beginning or middle of what will be a long-term distinguished career or role.

Selection Process

  • Nomination: Prior to starting your online nomination, please read the following. Nominations are due by Monday, Jan. 15, 2024. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the Office of Alumni Relations.
    1. One letter in support of your nomination is required. The letter must be in an electronic form that can be uploaded online (examples include PDF, Microsoft Word documents and video submissions). The letter should address the nominee’s qualifications and be authored by someone other than yourself or a relative of the nominee. We encourage you to be creative and tell us why you think your candidate deserves the award.  
    2. Optional documents. You may elect to gather additional documents to upload online. These could include a current biography, curriculum vitae, resume, additional letters of support, newspaper/magazine articles or copies of awards received.  
    3. Online application. After obtaining a letter of support and any additional documents, you can begin your nomination through our Online Nomination Form. Please be sure to include up-to-date contact information for both yourself and the nominee.
  • Verification: After you submit your online application, the Office of Alumni Relations will confirm receipt of the application and verify the alumni status of the nominee.  
  • Selection: After verification of alumni status, the nomination form and supporting documents will be forwarded to Alumni of Distinction (AOD) committee, compiled of past AOD recipients, for consideration. The Office of Alumni Relations will notify all winners and nominators of the results. 

Eligibility and Policies

  • Candidates must qualify for alumni status by either having been awarded a degree from UAA (associate, bachelor’s, master’s and/or Ph.D.) or are no longer an active student but with 12 passing credits.
  • All candidates will be considered regardless of race, gender, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or religion.
  • A finalist must agree to participate (either in-person or remotely) in the Alumni of Distinction ceremony to receive their award.
  • Nomination packets from the previous year will not be carried over and therefore must be updated and resubmitted. Please contact the Office of Alumni Relations for help with re-submitting nominations.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted. Nominations must be submitted by someone other than the nominee. 
  • Nominations will be held in consideration for three years.
  • Current members of the UAA Alumni Association board of directors are not eligible for nomination.
  • Alumni Relations staff are not eligible for nomination during their term of employment.
  • UAA Alumni Association board members, selection committee members and Alumni Relations staff are not permitted to nominate or write letters of support for candidates and must abstain from promoting and voting for candidates.
  • Selection committee members may share relevant knowledge regarding a candidate provided the subject matter is not related to personal business or familial in nature.

Please contact Alumni Relations at 907-786-1942 or at with any questions regarding the Alumni of Distinction nomination process. We look forward to receiving your nomination.