Membership on the committee is open to any faculty member who submits their name to the Second Vice President or to a Senate member of the ACDLITe Committee by April 20 of each year, or as vacancies permit.

ACDLITe is currently recruiting new members! If interested in joining and helping to advocate for high-quality educational technology on campus, please contact either co-chair, listed below.

The faculty members of the 2021-2022 ACDLITe Committee are: 

Name Campus / College or School / Department
Veronica Howard* (co-chair) ANC / CAS / Psychology
Lorelei Sterling* (co-chair) ANC / Consortium Library
Barbara Harville* ANC / CTC / Communication
Chokri Sendi ANC / CoEng / Mechanical Engineering
Kathryn Slagle* ANC / CoH / Medical Imaging Sciences
Matt Kupilik ANC / CoEng / Electrical Engineering
Micah Muer MatSu / Consortium Library
Ray Ball* ANC / CAS / History
Terri Manthey* ANC / CTC / Quantitative Studies

* Faculty Senate Member