The faculty members of the 2015-2016 ACDLITe Committee are:


Name Campus / College or School / Department
*Dave Fitzgerald
ANC / CBPP / Computer Information Systems
*Bruno Kappes (co-chair) ANC / CAS / Psychology
Chef Naomi Everett
ANC / CTC / Culinary Arts and Hospitality
Lynn Paterna
ANC / CAS / Human Services
Marianne Murray
ANC/COH/School of Nursing
Getu Hailu
ANC /COEng / Mechanical Engineering
Cindy Trussell
KPC/CAS/Biological Sciences
Ed McLain ANC / COE / Graduate Studies and MEd
Barbara Harville ANC / CAS / Journalism and Communication
Matt Kupilik
ANC/CoEng/Electrical Engineering
Todd Petersen (co-chair)
ANC / COEng / Electrical Engineering
*Ammie Tremblay
ANC / COH / School of Nursing
Jo Ann Bartley
ANC/COH/ Dept. of Human Services
Lorelei Sterling

* Faculty Senate Member