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Hiroko Harada

Hiroko Harada

Director, The Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture, Professor and Coordinator, Japanese Program
ADM 285


  • Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign


Hiroko Harada, Recipient of the 2015 American Association of Teachers of Japanese Teacher Award, is Professor and Coordinator of the Japanese Program and Director of Montgomery Dickson Center for Japanese Language and Culture. She is the author of Aspects of Post-War German and Japanese Drama: Reflections of War, Guilt, and Responsibility (2000). She also a co-author of Monty’s Kakehashi (bridge) to Tomorrow (2014), an online textbook for advanced Japanese learners. She has translated two books and numerous materials related to the Battle of Attu (the battle between Japanese and American Armies during World War II) for the National Park Service and U.S. Army Center of Military History (2009-2018). She is currently working on Disaster Preparedness Drill Book, collaborating with our partner university, Iwate University. Harada has contributed to the establishment of two exchange programs with Hokkaido University of Education and Iwate University, co-established the UAA-HUE Internship Program, and co-founded Alaska Japanese Speech Contest and Alaska Association of Teachers of Japanese, which will mark the 16 the contest this past spring (2019), and together launched the Alaska Japanese Language Pedagogy Workshop. Harada also organized numeral cultural and educational events, established a friendship relationship with Rikuzentakata-city. She has created a Japanese Tea Room, “Monty’s Room,” on campus, with a Rasmuson Foundation Grant, for students to experience Japanese culture first hand. For the most recent event she organized (September 2019), she received an Alaska Humanities Forum Grant to invited two 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Laureates.