CHD Mission

Mission Statement

The mission of the UAA Center for Human Development (CHD) is to improve the quality of lives for people who experience disabilities and their families, across the life span, through interdisciplinary training, technical assistance, exemplary service development, applied research and dissemination of information. The goals and activities of CHD are guided by the values of integration and inclusion, self-determination, individual and family empowerment, cultural sensitivity, diversity, community referencing, independence, and productivity.

CHD Core Functions

CHD carries out our mission through 4 core functions:

  • Interdisciplinary Education
  • Community Training and Technical Assistance
  • Research
  • Information Dissemination

These activities are designed to increase the independence, productivity, and community integration and inclusion for individuals with disabilities. CHD's projects and activities are not limited to developmental disabilities; they focus on a wide range of disabilities, ages, and issues and include:

  • Evaluation (programs, trainings, conferences)
  • Mixed Methods
  • Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Survey Design
  • Community Needs Assessments
  • Information Dissemination (infographics)
  • Grant Writing
  • Institutional Review Board Applications (including Tribal entities)

The UAA Center for Human Development is funded primarily through a variety of federal, state, and private grants and contracts.