UAA Nursing Endowed Scholarship

The number one reason students leave nursing school is financial hardship. Endowed scholarships create that reliable source of support our students so desperately need. With your help, we can assure students that financial assistance will be there for them from their first year to their last. UAA’s Nursing Endowed Scholarship provides financial assistance to nursing students enrolled in UAA nursing programs across 15 campuses in the state. As we strive to create a community of Alaskans caring for Alaskans, we invite your support and friendship in this effort.



The Alaska health care and social assistance sector will grow by over 5,000 jobs through 2028, far more than any other industry. This trend will continue as our population ages and health care needs increase. To fill the gap, providers frequently hire traveling or temporary nurses, yet this is an expensive solution that results in higher medical costs for everyone.

Fortunately, at this critical juncture for our state, UAA continues to prioritize health degrees. With your help, we can uplift and fast-track more nursing students to make a positive impact on our communities.

Tina DeLapp, former director and professor emerita at UAA's School of Nursing, joined with fellow nursing faculty members Judy Petersen and Patti Hong to establish the Nursing Endowed Scholarship. It was fully endowed after receiving major support from the Alaska Kidney Foundation.


Why give to the Nursing Endowed Scholarship?

Investing in UAA's Nursing Program: Nursing student Ellie Smardo

Why give to UAA's School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Pat McAdoo

Why I helped establish UAA's School of Nursing Endowed Scholarship: Tina DeLapp

  • “I helped to set up the scholarship because I know the demands that nursing school imposes on students...They really need the relief that a scholarship can provide.”

    – Tina DeLapp, Professor Emerita of Nursing

  • “Educating nurses is an important thing to do.. nursing contributes so much and I want to do my little bit to try to help... I think it’s a wise investment.” 

    – Judy Petersen, Professor Emerita of Nursing

  • “Someday I’m going to stop working but my donation is going to continue giving and it’s going to continue giving high quality healthcare to bush Alaska.”

    – Pat McAdoo, Physical Therapist, and SON donor

  • "Multi-year scholarships make all of the difference in the lives of our student nurses. It reduces uncertainty, and provides a base of funding so they can focus on their studies.” 

    – Cathy Sandeen, UAA chancellor

  • “If I did not receive this scholarship.. I would not be able to pursue my education... so receiving this scholarship means that I can be here now, achieving my goals and trying to get into this career field and become a good nurse.” 

    – Ellie Smardo, UAA Nursing Student and first recipient of the SON Endowed Scholarship 


Fund details

Purpose: To provide financial assistance for tuition and related educational expenses to nursing students enrolled in a nursing program administered by UAA, offered at any community across the state.

Current value of the fund: $154,787

Current awards: One annual scholarship of $1,000

FY2025 goal: $250,000 fund value, 10 annual scholarship awards