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The University of Alaska Anchorage is the primary engine of health care workforce development for the state, graduating over 650 health care professionals annually, across 15 campuses throughout Alaska, including many rural and remote communities. The largest of these academic programs is nursing, which enrolls over 550 students annually, and graduates more than 250 nurses each year. Health care providers say more workers are needed across many professions now. Alaska’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development estimates 5,000 new, additional healthcare practitioners will be needed by 2028.

UAA invites you to partner with us to develop and expand health program capacity and scholarships, and to help us inspire Alaska’s university students to pursue careers in health. The College of Health offers over 45 certificate or degree programs, all of them impacting the quality of life for every Alaskan.



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  • Charna`e Rud “This scholarship means the world to me, it means being able to continue my education to provide a better life for my daughter. I didn’t think I’d be able to continue with my school when I suddenly became a single mother, but with support from family and scholarships like this I’m going to be able to continue in the Nursing program at UAA. “ 


    -2019-20 UAA Nursing Endowed Scholarship Recipient, Charna`e Rud

    Photo: Charna'e Rud with her daughter

  • YouTube video icon featuring WWAMI students standing around a tableThe University of Alaska System is excited to announce the launch of its first ever public fundraising campaign. This campaign is based around four key themes: educational access, critical research, a stronger economy, and a skilled workforce. By investing in these four areas, the University of Alaska is investing in the people of Alaska. We are For Alaska!

    Learn more about the campaign at

  • A young man with sky behind him and article headline "Totem Rising"After Stephen Ellison graduated from Alaska WWAMI, he achieved his goal: to be accepted by a family medicine residency program in Anchorage. That way, he can be closer to everything he loves: his daughter, the outdoors, his people. “I want my patients to have a healthcare provider who understands the challenges of living in rural Alaska, somebody they feel comfortable sharing important details with,” he said

    Read Ellison's full story and watch the short film "Totem Rising." 

  • Kristen Brown and Connie Williams

    “Nursing is not an easy job, and I've seen how covid has made it a much harder job in the last 18 months. But I did not choose nursing as just my job in the workforce, I chose it to make a difference in my community, and in my state by being there for one person, one family at a time every day.” 


    -Kristen Brown

    Photo: Kristen Brown with her mother, Connie Williams

  • Mary Ann Hautman

    The Mary Ann Hautman Indigenous Nursing Endowed Scholarship at UAA will provide financial assistance for tuition and other related educational expenses for students seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Read the full story here.

    “UAA offered me an opportunity to come full circle and teach in an academic setting that supports Alaska Native students."


    -Mary Ann Hautman, former professor of nursing

  • thumbnail of youtube video of a man speakingPreparing our students to meet and fulfill Alaska’s growing workforce demands is essential to our mission. The University of Alaska strives to position its graduates at the head of the job market. We must create and support the educational and training programs that transform students into sought-after job candidates.

    Learn more about the For Alaska campaign at


Opportunities for Support

There are numerous opportunities for you to support the UAA College of Health. These are just a few examples of such opportunities.

UAA School of Social Work assistant professor Amana Mbise teaches interviewing skills as part of his Social Work Practice with Individuals (AWK A330) course in UAA's Beatrice McDonald Hall.

College of Health Excellence

Support learning opportunities and critical needs for students and programs of the College of Health.

nursing student

Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Support permanent and annual scholarships to keep nursing students in school and focused on graduating, as financial hardship is one of the top reasons students leave nursing school. Learn more about the Nursing Endowed Scholarship.

Diagnostic Radiologist Dr. Bradley Cruz helps Alaska WWAMI Program medical student Zane Davis sync a portable ultrasound to a tablet device as his class learns the basics of ultrasound in UAA's Health Sciences Building.

WWAMI Scholarship

Give to UAA’s Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) Regional Medical Education Program, which has been ranked No. 1 in primary care for more than 20 years and serves a vital need by educating Alaskan doctors for Alaska.

della keats

Della Keats Program

UAA aims to re-start the Della Keats Program during Summer 2023, providing a series of intensive residential summer programs to propel rising 11th and 12th grade students into careers in health care. Learn more about the Della Keats Program needs.

nursing students

Goss Nursing Lounge

Contribute to UAA's School of Nursing to create a new lounge for nursing students. Ella and Brook Goss are offering to match, dollar for dollar, up to $25,000 in donations to this important project. Learn more about the Goss Nursing Lounge.

Counsel for the plaintiff Phuong Green questions a witness as students in UAA Justice Center associate professor Ryan Fortson's trial and advanced litigation processes (LEGAL A487) course conduct a mock trial in the Professional Studies Building.

John E. Havelock Trial Simulation Courtroom

Support the creation of a new, simulated trial courtroom on UAA’s campus. This mock courtroom will provide a robust and interactive learning experience for justice and legal students, and remote learning for students in rural communities and villages throughout the state. Learn more about the John E. Havelock Trial Simulation Courtroom