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Alaska Public Health Information Response Team publishes chapter on misinformation

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Founding members of the Alaska Public Health Information Response Team submitted a book chapter proposal, entitled "Addressing Health Misinformation in the Infodemic Era: The Alaska Public Health Information Response Team," in the early spring of 2021 for consideration in a forthcoming book, "Building Health Misinformation Immunity: A Professional's Guide to Helping the Public," which was recently published.

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Alaska Statewide Survey on Long COVID

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In February 2022, a team at the University of Alaska Anchorage led by Dr. Jennifer Meyer deployed a statewide survey to assess respondents' knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors related to COVID-19 prevention strategies and specifically Long Covid or Post COVID conditions.

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Micah Hahn shares recent publications

Micah Hahn, assistant professor of Environmental Health with the Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies of the UAA Div. of Population Health Sciences, has recently co-authored numerous papers focused on wildfire smoke, evolving perceptions, modeling geographic uncertainty, implications of inadequate water storage, and more.

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Study provides look at COVID-19 in remote Alaska communities

Ruby Fried, assistant professor of Health Science, and Micah Hahn, assistant professor of Environmental Health, of the Institute for Circumpolar Health Sciences within the Div. of Population Health Sciences, have co-authored an article, titled “COVID-19 in Remote Alaska Communities: A Longitudinal View of a Novel Pandemic.” This statewide, longitudinal study on remote communities provides a perspective based on the lived experience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living in remote Arctic communities, and an opportunity for evidence- and strengths-based responses to the many impacts of COVID-19.

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Podcast in Place: Youth Stories From Quarantine – Episode 27: Contact Tracing with Annie Thomas

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Contact tracing is an essential part of combating the spread of Covid-19. Not only do contact tracers work to discover where a person infected with the coronavirus may have contracted it, they also attempt to inform others about possible infection. But there is a lot more to the complicated work that they do. In this episode we’ll be hearing from Annie Thomas. She’s been a nurse for about fifteen years, and currently she is the project manager for the UAA Surge Contact Tracing team. She is also the owner of Managing Me Enterprises which does retreats for teens to help them build community cohesion and resilience.