ICHS faculty and staff are collaborating with many community partners and government agencies. We are also actively seeking opportunities to join public/private research and evaluation partnerships. The ICHS team is uniquely positioned to support community organizations in developing programs, evaluations and research platforms. ICHS can help strategize at any of the following stages:


  • Strategy Development: ICHS can brainstorm with organizations and community partners to design a program, intervention or evaluation to address an identified health-related concern. 

  • Outreach and Collaboration: ICHS can leverage university and statewide partnerships to build or expand a network of support for new or ongoing projects. 

  • Funding opportunities: Faculty can support community partners in seeking and applying to new grant opportunities. 

  • Project Implementation: ICHS faculty can help design staffing structures, budgets and clear deliverables to achieve the intended goals of a project.  

  • Evaluation and Learning:  Faculty work closely with community organizations to design an evaluation strategy that meets grant guidelines as well explore potential publishing opportunities.

ICHS Research





ICHS faculty welcome the opportunity to work with students at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Students can expect to contribute to all levels of research activities, from grant submission and data collection to drafting reports and manuscripts. Research studies vary from community based participatory research (human subjects) to environmental assessments which may include fieldwork. Please reach out directly to faculty for more information.

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