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Division of Population Health Sciences

  • Division of Population Health Sciences

    Advancing health sciences through the educational opportunities of academic training, research, and community service in order to improve the well-being of the diverse peoples of Alaska and the circumpolar north.

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Improving the Health of Populations

The Division of Population Health Sciences (DPHS) includes the Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies, the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences, an undergraduate minor in Public Health, and the Master of Public Health program. DPHS is committed to understanding the factors which impact population health in Alaska and beyond and educating people to have a positive impact on public health.

What is Population Health?

Population health sits at the intersection of medicine and public health spanning the social sciences. Population health explores the social factors that influence health using an evidence based approach and community engagement to reduce disparities, measure health needs and implement effective health innovations. It is important to note that currently there is no consensus for the definition of population health.



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Empowering students to advance data science and health communication to protect and improve health for all our diverse populations.

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Academic Advising for Current & Prospective Students

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About DPHS

Explore how the Division of Population Health Sciences is working to grow and support the health workforce of Alaska, and to identify health problems and contribute to solutions for the circumpolar north.