500 Cities Literature Summary

The Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) compiled a list of literature on the human health impacts of environmental change and destructive weather events such as floods and droughts. We tracked the literature both through a Mendeley group and in a spreadsheet. The following hyperlinked button will take you to a pdf of our literature summary spreadsheet that lists citations, primary authors, abstract, as well as data analysis, and results summaries for each of resource we reviewed.  

ICHS 500 Cities Literature Summary pdf

You are welcome to access our Mendeley.com group at https://www.mendeley.com/community/uaa-ichs-500-cities-data-project/. Mendeley is a reference managing application and all of our literature cited are linked to our UAA ICHS 500 Cities Data Project group. If you regularly use Mendeley you can easily access the citations in our literature summary.