RRANN Student Services

RRANN is employing the Caring for Our Own (CO-OP) 4-Pillar structure: sense of belonging, financial security, academic literacy, and social connection. Through this CO-OP 4-Pillar model, RRANN students will feel better connected and receive stronger support.  

Sense of Belonging
  • We have mentors that proactively offer support to RRANN students throughout the Nursing program.
  • We have a private lactation room (HSB A105) available Monday-Friday (8a-5p) with a fridge available for students.
  • We have a student lounge with free coffee and snacks. 
  • We serve pre-major nursing students and full-major nursing students.
Financial Security
  • We offer scholarships each term. 
  • We have a book library filled with updated Nursing books that RRANN students can use in our study rooms.
  • We have a borrowing closet available equipped with the required uniform and materials for nursing clinical.
  • We help students with researching and applying for scholarships. 
  • We help students with FAFSA. 
Academic Literacy 
  • We offer various workshops throughout the academic year that help students build their skills in time management, stress management, preparing and composing essays, interpersonal relations, professional development, study strategies, and much more. 
  • We have tutors to help students pass their pre-major and full-major courses.  
  • We have private study rooms with computers and printers available for RRANN students.
Social Connections
  • We have RRANN gatherings to bring students alike together in a safe environment to build lifelong connections. 
  • We have RRANN events where students can network with their community members. 


  • RRANN students serve our community:
    • attending the Standing Together Against Rape annual fundraising tea
    • volunteering as Court Appointed Special Advocates for children
    • participating in Native dance groups
    • donating blood
    • volunteering for Big Brothers and Big Sisters
    • volunteering at Alaska Native Medical Center.
  • RRANN scholarship recipients give a non-monetary gift to their tribe, Native corporation, the University, and/or to the RRANN program. Student gifts include serving as guest speakers, donating traditional foods, and/or submitting photos and content for RRANN publications.
  • Most RRANN graduates remain in Alaska to serve our population with excellent and culturally relevant health care.
"I started the UAA nursing program from my hometown of Nome. RRANN has supported me through four semesters; for that I am thankful and grateful! It was a pleasure attending meetings and meeting other Alaska Native nursing students." —RRANN Graduate, Mary Ruud