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Welcome to the Child Welfare Academy!

The Child Welfare Academy (CWA) continues to grow and to be innovative. Here are just a few highlights from the last year. Our program, Coaching Supervisors to Best Practice (CSBP) combines online learning with classroom training, followed by individual coaching sessions with CWA. The School of Social Work evaluated the program and found positive impact on leadership skills, critical thinking skills, job satisfaction, and staff retention. The School plans to evaluate the program more comprehensively and publish the findings.

Innovation at the CWA

The CWA also leads the country in incorporating innovative training strategies like Team-Based Learning (TBL) into child welfare curriculum. The CWA was invited to the University of California-Davis in February 2016 to host a two-day workshop designed to help instructors at the Northern California Training Academy better train professionals in human services, including child welfare, public assistance, and administrators. California is now using the two-day training to initiate changes in their training curriculums throughout the state. Nevada has also made similar changes with the help of CWA.

Valerie Dudley is a new trainer at CWA. She brings experience working with Tribes and Child Advocates. She has taken the lead in revamping the Specialized ICWA training with the input of an ICWA working group comprised of both OCS and Tribal workers. The new training, Advanced ICWA, is designed to be co-facilitated by a Tribal worker, a State worker, and a CWA trainer. The two-day workshop encourages collaboration and relationship building for child protection cases involving Alaska Native children.

One of the projects CWA trainer, Cory Bryant, is working on is the Service Array project involving the Child Advocacy Centers (CAC) across the State. She headed to Barrow for her third trip to help in the development of a CAC. She also facilitated a two-day OCS Grantee meeting for the Directors of the CACs with the them "Child Advocacy Center Super Heroes!" CAC Directors work directly with Alaska's severest child abuse cases, and must bring together many different agencies to collaborate for that purpose, their job truly requires superhero powers!

More programs and innovations are in the works. Check out this site or like us on Facebook to find out more and to connect to our trainings, projects, and updates.