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Alaska WWAMI aims to provide high quality medical education to Alaskans. We rely on private financial support to help ensure we continually improve academic excellence and access to high quality educational experiences. Your contribution can provide the margin of excellence essential to Alaska WWAMI’s continued growth and improvement.  The following funds represent different ways your gift can be put to use. 

Xavier Engle Spirit Award
In honor and memory of Xavier Engle, the Alaska WWAMI Medical Education Program has established the Xavier Engle Scholarship for Alaska WWAMI medical students, at the University of Alaska Anchorage. In recognition of Xavier's academic excellence and outstanding personal achievements beyond medicine, the recipients will have demonstrated intellectual curiosity, passion and achievement in and outside of healthcare. Give to the Xavier Engle Spirit Award.

Dr. Robert Fortuine Alaska WWAMI Scholarship Endowment
Fortuine Scholars must be Alaska WWAMI students with an expressed interest in practicing medicine in Alaska's tribal health system and are preferably Alaska Natives and/or from rural Alaska.

The Fortuine Scholarship will help to nurture the next generation of Alaska tribal health physicians with essential financial support for their medical education while honoring Dr. Fortuine's won personal commitment to Alaska Native health.

Alaska WWAMI Biomedical Excellence Endowment
Provides support for the broadest spectrum of innovative programs.  Its flexibility allows the development of exciting new programs that might otherwise lack the seed funding so vital to dynamic fields such as biomedicine. 

Alaska WWAMI Student Success
Focuses on the most critical needs to ensure the success of program graduates.  For current students it provides the latest extras, technological and otherwise, that maintain quality education.  Additionally, it enhances the quality of the applicant pool through support for pathway programs leading to medicine.  

Alaska WWAMI Biomedical Research
The pursuit of new biomedical knowledge – research – is the hallmark of the best medical schools.  Extramural grants support these efforts, but leave gaps that must be provided from other funds to maintain the viability of a research program.  This fund enables those activities. 

Alaska WWAMI’s Della Keats Summer Enrichment Program
The Della Keats Program is the foundation for Alaska WWAMI’s pathways programs.  Its most visible feature is a six-week intensive summer program for minority, rural and other disadvantaged Alaskan high school students interested in careers in medicine and other health-care fields. The program fosters, affirms and encourages high school students’ interest in the medical profession by allowing them to further explore health-care careers.


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