The College of Health is here to support you as you work to achieve your educational goals.

If you are a current student, it is essential that you continue to check-in with your advisor regularly to make sure you are meeting the expectations and requirements of your future degree. Degree programs in healthcare, law enforcement, and social work fields often require several steps students must take before they can graduate.

We're here to help you stay on track! Make sure to check in with your advisor often (at least once a semester) to receive valuable guidance on the best path for you to take to degree completion. You can also reach out to the College of Health Director of Student Success at any time.

Don't forget, there are more than 42 degree and certificate programs in the College of Health. If you stared one program and it isn't the right fit for you, let your advisor know and they will help you on your educational journey.

If you are an incoming student, please make sure to check in with the Office of First Year Advising to help you get connected and be prepared to maximize your time at UAA.

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