Architectural & Engineering Technology (AET)

  • Creative Design Thinking
  • 3D Digital Modeling
  • Graphic Composition & Presentation
  • Construction Documents
  • Careers:
    • Architecture
    • Engineering Drafting & Design Support
    • Construction Drafting & Design Support
    • Graphic Design
    • Marketing & Advertising
    • CGI / Animation / Entertainment

Please contact the Building Technologies office for more information: (907) 786-6465.

Tree house

The Associate of Applied Science in Architectural & Engineering Technology (AET) combines creative design thinking with digital, state-of-the-art 3D modeling to prepare students for jobs in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry as well as government agencies involved in construction. Students also acquire skills that are used in the graphic design and marketing industries. Student are prepared for a wide array of employment opportunities from entry level designers to drafting technicians.

Classes in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), mechanical / electrical / plumbing, and structural systems are combined with innovative design studios and classes in art appreciation, hand drawing, and art/architecture history to build a comprehensive understanding of how to create, promote, and build designs for homes, offices, roads, bridges, cities, and culture.

Mastery of digital design software is an important part of the AET program. These powerful technologies provide visualization of creative ideas. They are used to produce the technical drawings and graphic images for project articulation and promotion. Studio courses in design thinking and design process develop the ability to create original designs. Graphic presentation skills develop the ability to translate design solutions into the images and technical documents used in the building process.

Industry needs people who are able to face difficult design challenges, who are skilled at independent, creative thinking, who know how things are built and know how to communicate ideas through digital media. The AET program is dedicated to providing industry with the skilled and talented individuals who will design and build the future.

The Associate of Applied Science in Architectural and Engineering Technology is a gateway to many different careers and academic pathways. The program is based on classes often found in the first two years of architecture school. It may qualify students to transfer into National Architectural Accrediting Board institutions, leading to professional licensure. 

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