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Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

2011 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research/Service Project in the Community Award

Sophia Lee - BS, Civil Engineering: "Evaluation of Waterless Toilets as Replacement of Honey Buckets in Rural Village of Stebbins, AK"
Faculty Mentor: John Olofsson
Sophia Lee's Proposal

2010 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

Jens Jensen - BSE, Mechanical Engineering: "Quadrupedal Walker (Phase I of III)"
Faculty Mentor: Mohammad Ali and Todd Peterson, Engineering
Jens Jensen's Proposal

2009 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

Tessa Kara - BSE, Mechanical Engineering: "The Biomechanical Properties of Stainless Steel, Titanium & Cobalt Chrome Spinal Rods"
Faculty Mentor: Anthony Paris, Engineering
Tessa Kara's Proposal

2008 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

Alex Bergeron - BSE, Mechanical Engineering: "Spinal Rod Fatigue Testing and Analysis"
Facutly Mentor:  Anthony Paris, Engineering
Alex Bergeron's Proposal   

2007 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

Samantha Kay TannerSamantha Kay Tanner - BS, Geomatics:  "An Evaluation of Undergraduate Surveying Education in Alaska"
Group Members: Melinda Willman (Geomatics) and Krysta Wojnowski (Geomatics)
Faculty Mentor: R.A. Curley, Geomatics
Samantha Kay Tanner's Proposal

2006 Dr. Alex Hills Engineering Research Award

Paul Bilodeau - BS, Mechanical Engineering:  "Design of Compliant Mechanism for Planar Motion Amplification"
Faculty mentor: Nicolae Lobontiu
Paul Bilodeau's Final Report   

Jennifer Lane Jemison – BS Civil Engineering: "Tidal Basin Power Generator Project"
Faculty Mentor: Nyree McDonald
Jennifer Lane Jemison's Final Report  Jennifer Lane Jemison's Abstract