Honors Information and Forms

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Honors Application

Here you can apply to join the University Honors College at UAA! You will need to provide your UA ID number, which you will receive after you have applied to a program at UAA. If you have any questions during the application process, you can email uaa_honors@alaska.edu.

Apply for the Honors College

Application Deadlines:

Early Bird Fall Semester Deadline: March 15th
Regular Fall Semester Deadline: July 15th
Extended Fall Semester Deadline: August 15th

Regular Spring Semester Deadline: November 15th
Extended Spring Semester Deadline: December 15th

Honors Units forms going away after Spring 2024

Please note that these forms will be deactivated after Spring Semester 2024. The Honors College will be asking students to make contact with their faculty mentor to discuss their progress towards Honors units.


Honors Units Request Forms

For current scholars, here is where you can request a course or an activity to be counted for your Honors Track requirements! You may want to discuss with the track faculty first, if you have specific questions regarding your proposed course or activity. Faculty will review Honors Unit Requests once per month during the academic year. 


Select this form if the course or activity has already started or is finished as of today's date, when you are submitting this form. Note that completed courses or activities are not automatically approved.

Completed Course or Activity - Honors Units Request

Select this form if the course or activity has not yet started, and you would like faculty to consider your request before you begin your course or activity.

Future Course or Activity - Honors Units Request



Honors Track Selection or Change Form

For current scholars: fill out this Honors Track Selection or Change Form. If you applied to the Honors College as an undeclared track, this is where you can formally apply for a specific track. If you applied for a new track from a previous applied track, make sure to check with the track faculty of your new track, because if you have previously completed Honors Units, some of your completed units may not count towards the new Honors Track.

Honors Track Selection or Change Form



ePortfolio: Share your Honors story

Every Honors College student will create an ePortfolio showcasing their Honors experiences and academic accomplishments. To learn more about these ePortfolios, and what they should encompass, select the link below.

Honors ePortfolios