Honors ePortfolios

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Honors ePortfolios

ePortfolios are a High-Impact Educational practice that allow you to showcase your academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular accomplishments. As such, you are required to create an Honors ePortfolio that reflects the work you accomplished for your Honors Plan.

  • Honors ePortfolios should tell the story of your Honors journey through artifacts and reflections
  • Each approved track course or activity for your Honors plan should be represented by an artifact and/or a reflection, including your Honors GER courses
  • Your ePortfolio must be submitted to the chair of the Honors Academic Board during your final semester by the deadline they specify (generally one week prior to the Honors Graduation Ceremony). You are responsible for completing revisions requested by the chair prior to your presentation.
  • Students will present their ePortfolio, digital story, or other materials from their Honors journey at an Honors event to celebrate graduating students.

Honors ePortfolio Requirements Document

A. Artifacts:

Artifacts are tangible ways to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments. A variety of different artifact types helps you showcase what you have achieved. Artifacts should be included that represent the entirety of your Honors experience.

Artifact Examples

  • Artwork
  • Award Letter
  • Blog entries
  • Conference posters
  • Flyers or pamphlets
  • Lab report
  • Model renderings
  • Newspaper articles
  • Photos of activity
  • Podcast
  • Presentation recordings
  • Research paper
  • Videos

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B. Reflections

Reflective writing helps you articulate your skills, knowledge, and values. Reflection provides an opportunity to describe what you have learned, identify connections to, and themes in common with, your prior experiences, and articulate how you have grown as a result of what you have done or learned.

Reflections should be written when a course or activity is completed to best reflect that stage of your Honors journey.

 Critical Reflection Guide

Check out this PDF with a more comprehensive set of questions to guide your critical reflection.

C. Digital Story

Digital stories share the overarching narrative of your Honors journey and its impact on your education and goals. Your digital story is your narrative about your Honors experience. Digital stories use technology (e.g., video, audio, text, images) as tools to convey meaning. Use your artifacts and reflections to help you create your digital story


 Video provides a brief introduction in how to craft a digital story

Resources for creating an ePortfolio:

eWolf (Digication): A popular digital platform at UAA, eWolf provides students a user-friendly template to creating a web-based digital presence or story. For inspiration, you can check out sample portfolios. 

Google Sites: A platform outside of UAA, Google Sites provides students a user-friendly way to create a website portfolio of their Honors artifacts. For inspiration, you can check out prior graduates' portfolios: Example 1 | Example 2

Resources for crafting a Digital Story:

For inspiration on how to tell your story: https://www.storycenter.org/stories.

 *Please note that you are not required to use Google Sites for your ePortfolio. Please feel free to use a different platform if there is one you have more experience with or are more comfortable using (just be sure you understand how to share/submit it).