Creating Videos: Kaltura Media

For best practices and information on UAA's other core tools for video, please see the Creating Videos main page.

Kaltura can be accessed in two ways:

  • Kaltura My Media in Blackboard: For most purposes, access Kaltura from inside Blackboard using My Media. On the Blackboard global menu (green menu on the left side), click Tools, then Kaltura My Media. You can also access Kaltura inside a Blackboard course; see the Sharing Videos tab below for instructions.
  • UAA MediaSpace: You can use Kaltura outside of Blackboard via UAA Kaltura MediaSpace to get a publicly sharable link.

These two access points include different tools, so check which the instructions below indicate.


Recording a video using Kaltura

You can create videos using Kaltura Capture inside the Blackboard Kaltura My Media tool.

  • In My Media, select Add New > Kaltura Capture.
  • Open Kaltura Capture. If you have never downloaded the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder, you will be prompted to do so. When done, you may need to return to this screen and click again. If you have already downloaded it, a pop-up screen will appear. 
  • The Kaltura Capture Space buttons appear.
    • Record icon. The big red button is to start recording.
    • Camera icon. Click to turn your webcam on and off for the presentation.
    • Screen icon. Select the type of screen capture you want. If you turn this option off, your screen will not be recorded. 
    • Audio icon. Select your microphone. If you turn this option off, your audio will not be recorded.
  • Click record, then begin presenting after the countdown. You can pause and resume, stop, and cancel recording, as well as annotate the screen via the pencil icon. Note the timer. When finished, click the stop icon. 
  • In the pop-up window, complete the entries for title, description, and tags. You have two save options. “Save” will save to the Kaltura Capture Space folder (not to your computer). “Save and upload” will save the video to the Kaltura Capture Space folder and then upload the video to your My Media. 

Uploading videos into Kaltura Media

For videos you have saved on your computer, upload video files to My Media via Blackboard. Follow the basic steps below or refer to the more detailed uploading videos into Kaltura Media document.

  • In My Media, select Add New button > Media Upload.
  • Select +Choose a file to upload. (All common video, audio and image formats in all resolutions are accepted.)
  • Navigate to where your video file is located, choose file and select OPEN.
  • Fill in the name and description, then give the file “tags” to assist in locating this later. Please tag your videos with UAA, your department/course prefix, and your name.
  • Select Save.

For a video recorded on your phone, it is easier to use MediaSpace:

  • Using your phone’s browser, navigate to UAA Kaltura MediaSpace.
  • Select the guest icon in the top right and log in with your UA credentials.
  • Select + Media Upload.
  • Select +Choose a file to upload and navigate to where your videos are stored to select the video.
  • Fill in the name, description and tags and save.

If you want to share a public YouTube video with your course, you can use Kaltura to add automatic captions. (You cannot request professional captions this way.) To add a YouTube video to Kaltura, you can use either Kaltura My Media inside a Blackboard course (Build Content > Kaltura Mashups, not via the Tools area) or UAA Kaltura Mediaspace. This only works for public YouTube videos, not unlisted ones. 

  • Add New > YouTube.
  • Paste in the URL/link to the video and click Preview.
  • Fill in or edit the name, description, and tags and save.
  • When the video has processed, click the title and select the ACTIONS pull-down menu > Caption & Enrich > Submit.
  • Follow the editing instructions in the next section when those captions are ready.

Using any of the methods above will add videos to your My Media in Blackboard. From there, you can use the edit and delete buttons on the right or click the title of the video for more actions. To edit a video in Kaltura, click the title of the video in My Media, then Actions > Edit. Then click the Launch Editor button. This video shows how to chop and splice.

 Adding and editing captions

Your video will be machine-captioned automatically (check back in an hour; the wait depends on the length of your video). Edit captions when they have completed the automated process. Follow the basic steps below or refer to the more detailed adding and editing captions document.

  • Navigate to your My Media list.
  • Click the title of the video to open the details screen.
  • Select the ACTIONS pull-down menu.
  • Choose Caption & Enrich.
  • Kaltura will show the list of caption files. Choose EDIT (pen icon).
  • Kaltura will open the Edit tool where you can play the video and edit the captions.
  • Click Save, yes, back (play your video with CC English to see the edited version).

Sharing videos in Blackboard

To embed video from My Media to your Blackboard Course 

  • Navigate to your Blackboard course .
  • Open the content area where you want to post the video (videos can be added in any content area/folder and learning module).
  • Select Build Content, select Kaltura Media (under Mashups).
  • Your My Media Gallery will open.
  • Select the video you want by clicking </>Embed (if necessary, select “Media I Can Publish” under Filters).
  • Give the video a title and description and click Submit.

Alternatively, create an Item in Blackboard, then use the Mashups button on the toolbar to find Kaltura and embed your video. See embedding Kaltura Videos in Blackboard for detailed instructions.

Note: You can embed a video before the captions process. Updated captions will show everywhere your video is embedded.

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