Peer Interaction Tools

students talking
Students are more likely to succeed in courses where they build relationships with their instructor and classmates. There is a lot of research to support the use of interaction in teaching and learning (see Resources below for more).


Best Practices

  • Decide what type of interaction you want students to have and use that to guide your choice of tools
  • Limit your course to one or two tools, so students can focus on the content, not learning how to use each tool
  • Using UAA Core Tools increases the chance that students will use the tool in other courses, so only use external tools if there is a compelling pedagogical reason
  • Introduce each tool with a low-stakes assignment to let students practice using it
  • Plan how to make activities fully accessible as you design them

Peer Interaction Tools

There are a variety of ways to structure student engagement with the content, with you, and with each other. This page covers tools that primarily create opportunities for student-student interaction. Use the Peer Interaction sheet on our Tools Comparison chart to decide which tools best fit your needs. Students can also interact with web conferencing tools.


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