Past Accreditation Reports and Findings


UAA’s last comprehensive review culminated in January 2019, when the NWCCU Board of Commissioners reaffirmed UAA's accreditation for seven years, the maximum period granted by NWCCU.  UAA was recognized with four commendations, and received two recommendations which were fulfilled through an ad hoc report in 2020.


The Commission commended UAA for:

  1. An inclusive process for UAA 2020, which brought the campuses together in an unprecedented joint effort focused on Student Success.
  2. Its culture of diversity and inclusivity, especially in relationship to Alaska Native communities.
  3. Its commitment to community engagement and the Public Square.
  4. Its extensive assessment efforts related to student learning. Faculty exhibit robust ownership and leadership in assessing academic programs, and also engage proactively in the multifaceted assessment of General Education. 


The Commission recommended that UAA:

  1. Expand efforts around institutional planning of graduate programs to demonstrate their academic quality and role in mission fulfillment (Standard 2.C.12).
  2. Continue the focus on collaborative Student Success efforts to raise low graduation and retention rates and support Mission Fulfillment (Standard 5.B.1). 

All Recommendations Fulfilled with Ad Hoc Report

An Ad Hoc Report on two recommendations was submitted March 1, 2020. The NWCCU Board of Commissioners reviewed and took action on the report at their June 2020 meeting. On July 22, 2020 NWCCU President Ramaswamy informed Chancellor Sandeen that both recommendations have been fulfilled. UAA enters its new cycle with four commendations and no recommendations!


Past Accreditation Reports

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