Enrolling in UAA Army ROTC is as simple as registering for classes through UA Online. Each semester, cadets enroll in two Military Science classes. The first class is your academic study, or classroom training.Your college-level or year for example,Freshmen,Sophomore, etc.) determines what academic class you will take (see below). The second class that all cadets take regardless of year is the ROTC leadership lab, MILS150.

  • Freshman take MILS101 (fall) or MILS102 (spring)
  • Sophomores take MILS201 (fall) or MILS202 (spring)
  • Juniors take MILS301 (fall) or MILS302 (spring)
  • Seniors take MILS401 (fall) or MILS402 (spring)

Classroom Training

Cadets have regular classroom instruction throughout their career at UAA. In Military Science classes cadets learn about the modern Army. Each year, as students progress through the Army ROTC program, they will learn about more complex aspects of the Army. As Freshmen, cadets will learn Army fundamentals, from rank structure to marching technique. As students progress through the Army ROTC program and become seniors, they will study more complex intricacies of the Army ranging from tactics and current overseas operations to stateside training and doctrine theory.

The Army ROTC class is very similar to other college classes in that it has homework, quizzes, exams, and projects. Some core skills that help cadets succeed are dedication, proactive planning, and resilience. Cadets must simply apply themselves in order to be successful.

Leadership Lab

All cadets participate in the same leadership lab regardless of year group. In a similar progression to the classroom portion of Army ROTC, cadets will fill more challenging leadership roles as they advance in the program. First-year cadets will find themselves playing the role of a rifleman or basic soldier in a small unit. By the time cadets are seniors they will have experienced a number of roles, from squad leader to company commander.

The second portion of the leadership lab is physical readiness training (PRT). This takes place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on the UAA campus from 0630-0730. It is a structured physical exercise program outlined by the Army and implemented by cadets in the corps. All cadets will have an opportunity to plan, organize and execute this physical training.