About UAA Calendars

The Office of University Advancement maintains the content and submission guidelines for the UAA Master Calendars. For questions please email University Advancement. The University of Alaska Anchorage uses a centralized calendar system to communicate University events, lectures, entertainment, student clubs, USUAA and important dates. The UAA calendars use the CollegeNet 25Live scheduling software that is maintained UAA IT Services, to report a problem with a calendar contact the UAA Technical Support Center.

Adding Events to the Calendar

To request content be added to the master calendar 25Live and create an event. When on the Resources section, add the resource "UAA Calendar: Master" to your event. When you save your event a Task Request will be sent to Advancement to approve your event be added to the calendar. Once the Task has been approved it will appear on the UAA master Calendars within 30 minutes. If at any time you need to make changes to information about your event simply login to 25Live and edit your event. Changes are synced to web calendars every 30 minutes.

Other UAA Calendars

Many UAA departments create and maintain their own calendars using 25Live. These can be found on the departments webpage. Please be aware that events and dates on those calendars may not apppear on the UAA Master Calendars because they are for the UAA Students and Employees in that department. If you are a department that would like more information about 25Live web calendars visti the 25Live Information Page.