Alumni Calendar

UAA Master Calendar

The UAA Calendars are organized by audience so you can see just what applies to you. Click the audience button to change the calendar you are looking at. Use the controls on the left side to filter what events show. For tricks on keeping up to date on dates and events watch our short video on Web Calendar Features. For information about the UAA Master Calendar, including adding events, and other UAA Calendars go to the About UAA Calendars web page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: On January 11th, we made changes to the list of Event Types. If you created a linked calendar filtered by Event Type before that date; your linked calendar may no longer be getting all the Event Types you want. To correct this you should delete the linked calendar from your calendar application and re-link to the calendar content you want. We are sorry for any inconvenience but hope that the new events types will make it easier for you to events you are interested in.

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