Operations, Actions, and Referrals


The Care Team meets every two weeks to review Care reports. The initial report, follow up actions, notes, and documentation are stored in an on-line database.  The on-line database keeps records of all Care reports and student conduct reports associated with a student.



The Care Team develops an action plan for each student referred to the Care Team. In some cases, the Care Team takes no action and records the incident for recordkeeping purposes only. In most cases, the Care Team uses one or more strategies to positively influence students’ behavior. The following table shows a follow up summary of all the strategies used by the Care Team in FY10.

care team Chart 3


The Care Team refers students to UAA departments and services that could be beneficial to students’ success. In FY10, the Care Team made 101 referrals to students. The majority of these referrals were for personal counseling provided by either Student Development Counseling & Support Services or the Student Health & Counseling Center. The remainder of the referrals were made to a variety of departments within the Division of Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Administrative Services.