Request for Serving Beer Wine

The Dean of Students has the authority to approve events where beer and wine my be served to individuals of legal age with positive identification. Approval to serve beer and wine will be granted on designated premises for private university sanctioned events for a limited period of time. The sale of beer and wine at university-sanctioned events on campus is only permissible in the Alaska Airlines Center and Seawolf Sports Complex. Personal consumption, possession, or display of beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages is prohibited in university public places, except as it pertains to events in the Alaska Airlines Center and Seawolf Sports Complex. The possession of kegs and other large quantities of alcoholic beverages will only be allowed by special permission of the Chancellor.

Any person who exhibits offensive behavior, misconduct, excessive noise or creates a public disturbance on property owned or supervised by the University will be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. 

 To request to serve beer or wine at an event, please fill out Request to Serve Beer or Wine form.