UAA Course Packets - Information for Faculty

If you plan on having course packets printed on campus for fall classes, please see the information in the FAQ below on how to submit your order.  To avoid delays for your students, please place your orders no later than August 12.

  • Course Packet FAQs for UAA Faculty
    • How do I submit my course packet for printing?

    Faculty have several options for submitting their materials for printing:

    1. The preferred method for submitting your course packet for printing is through the UAA Copy & Print Center Digital Storefront:!/Storefront
    2. Email to:
    3. Bring your files on a usb drive (requires an appointment)


    • How will students order their packets?

    Students will order their packets through the Copy & Print Center Digital Storefront.

    We anticipate a one business day turnaround to fulfill those orders.

    The Copy & Print Center accepts payment by credit card, check, cash, or WolfBucks.

    NOTE:  Students may not use their Print Allocation at the Copy & Print Center at this time.


    • How will the UAA Copy & Print Center price the packets?

    The UAA Copy & Print Center is a recharge center. All costs and margins are included in the printing charges.  No additional markup is added on top of that.



    • Can my academic department add a charge to the packet (as revenue for the department)?

    The UAA Copy & Print Center will not add on a departmental margin to be transferred back to academic units for course packets. They will be sold to students based on the standard approved Copy & Print Center rates.


    • What options are available for students to receive their course packet(s)?

    PICK UP: Students will be able to pick their course packet up from the Copy & Print Center (either by appointment or during scheduled pick up hours – depending on building accessibility/restrictions).

    MAIL: Students will have the option for their course packet to be mailed to them at an additional charge to cover postage.