UAA Property & Inventory

UA Statewide Financial Services has canceled the FY20 property inventory.

This decision is based on:

  • Response to Governors health mandates regarding on-premise for only essential functions,
  • Uniform Guidance requires inventory every two years, therefore we remain in compliance, and
    therefore performing FY20 inventory is not essential
  • To promote and maintain the health and safety of our employees in light of COVID-19

If you completed your inventory the information has been entered.  Any completed or partial
inventories that had not yet been submitted can still be sent, but is not required.  If you noticed any
anomalies or items that required transfer forms please follow up on those when we return to campus.
The mileage reports for all UAA vehicles are still required as this is a State of Alaska DOT requirement
that has not been waived or postponed.
Please direct any questions to LynnAnn Briske, UAA Campus Property Coordinator, at or 786-1195.