Seawolf Shuttle

Seawolf ShuttleThe Seawolf shuttle is a free service to all UAA students. Whether you need to get from Commons to the Arts building or from the Bookstore to the University Center, the Seawolf Shuttle can get you where you need to go.

Students with disabilities may want to contact the shuttle hotline at 786-6935 to verify that an accessible vehicle will be available if there are specific concerns.

The link below provides information on the current shuttle routes and timetables.


People Mover

People MoverPeople Mover is the public transportation system serving the greater Anchorage area. Students, staff and faculty can use a valid Wolfcard ID as a People Mover bus pass.

The link below provides maps, timetables, and other information.


Anchor Rides

Anchor Rides is a part of the Anchorage public transportation system that provides transportation service to people with disabilities that prevent them from using the fixed route bus system.

To learn how to schedule rides, and to see who is eligible visit the Anchor Rides website.