Classroom Rentals

Once all the classes and exams have been scheduled for the semester, rooms are available to other groups and events. We want you to have the best event possible, including options of where that event can take place, so we maximize the use of UAA facilities by meeting needs of UAA students, faculty, staff, and our community.

Important Notes:

  • events are scheduled after the academic scheduling for the semester has been completed
  • event scheduling for a semester will start at least two weeks prior to first day of class
  • costs range from $100-$600 per room, depending on the style of room
  • contact email for event scheduling is

Contact us with your event details and we'll work on finding a space for you!


For room capabilities see "Room Features" tables below.

 Room Type (Buildings with Room Types) Half Day Full Day
Lobby $110 $165
Lecture Hall (BMH, RH, ARTS, SSB) $275 $465
Amphitheater (AHS, PSB) $220 $365
Conference Room (AHS, BMH, ESH, PSB, RH) $175 $300
Classroom (AHS, BMH, ESH, PSB, RH, SMH, ADM, ARTS, SSB) $200 $330

Discounts are available to non-profits and UAA groups. Please call our reservation desk at 907-751-7273 for details.


Please contact our Scheduling Office at 907-751-7273 to see which dates are available for events in classrooms.

Make a Reservation

Once you know your dates are available, fill out the reservation form to get booked.

Note: UAA departments must reserve through 25live.

Classroom Reservation Form

Room Features

All classrooms are equipped with:

  • a projector
  • screen
  • laptop hookup for the projector
  • projector audio system
  • wireless internet access
  • whiteboard

If you are looking for a more robust room with a microphone for the speaker, built in computer, video conferencing, zoned lighting or other options, please contact our office for assistance on selecting the best room for your event.

Available Rooms

The list of available rooms is organized by building. To see UAA building locations view the Campus Map.

  • Administration/Humanities Building (ADM)

    Administration/Humanities Building (ADM)


    Capacity Seating Type
    141 26 Tables
    142 48 Tables
    143A 24 Tables 
    143B 24 Tables
    145 48 Tables
    148 40 Tables


  • Allied Health Sciences Building (AHS)

    Allied Health Sciences Building (AHS)


    Capacity Seating Type
    106 82 Amphitheater
    /Fixed Seating
    108 18 Conference Room
    147 29 Tables


  • Beatrice McDonald Hall (BMH)

    Beatrice McDonald Hall (BMH)

    Room Number Capacity  Seating Type 
    116 75        Lecture Hall                      
    117  48 Tabled Room
    118  34 Tabled Room
    228  48 Tabled Room
    235  48  Tabled Room
    239  48  Tabled Room
    241 16  Video Conference Room


  • Fine Arts Building (ART)

    Fine Arts Building (ART)


    Capacity Seating Type
    116 78 Lecture Hall/ Fixed Seating
    117 74 Lecture Hall/
    Fixed Seating
    121 48 Desks
    Lobby 100  


  • Professional Studies Building (PSB)

    Professional Studies Building (PSB)

    Capacity Seating Type
    166 74 Amphitheater
    210C 30 Tables
    219 30 Desks
    233 14 Conference
    Lobby 50  


  • Rasmuson Hall (RH)

    Rasmuson Hall (RH)

    Capacity Seating Type
    101 139 Lecture Hall/ Fixed Seating
    110 77 Lecture Hall/ Fixed Seating
    117 92 Lecture Hall/ Fixed Seating
    211 60 Tables
    220 32 Tables
    315 32 Tables
    316 58 Tables
    Lobby 100  


  • Sally Monserud Hall (SMH)

    Sally Monserud Hall (SMH)


    Capacity Seating
    101 22 Desks
    103 24 Tables
    104 29 Desks
    110 29 Tables
    111 28 Tables


  • Social Sciences Building (SSB)  

    Social Sciences Building (SSB)

    Capacity Seating
    118 74 Lecture Hall/
    Fixed Seating
    119 43 Desks
    211 43 Desks
    213 47 Desks
    223 24 Desks
    224 42 Desks
    250 29 Desks
    251 41 Tables
    253 45 Desks
    258 26 Desks


  • University Center (UC)  

    University Center (UC)

    Capacity Seating Type
    114 30 Tables
    115 30 Tables


Change/Cancellation Policy

Any changes to room reservations or cancellations must be submitted to within two (2) business days prior to the start of the event. Failure to provide a timely cancellation will result in charges for space according to the original request. Failure to provide timely changes may result in denial of change processing. 


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    Classroom (BMH 239)
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    Conference Room (BMH 241)