History of the Department of Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program

Under the Center for Alcohol and Addition Studies (CAAS) a minor in Addiction Studies was developed. During FY 02, this minor program was transferred in total to the Department of Human Services for delivery. CAAS also provided the seed support to secure funding from Providence Hospital, that was then leveraged through this University and the University of Washington MEDEX program to establish a Bachelors of Science in Health Science degree completion program for Physician Assistants. This program became operational in FY 02 and graduated its first BSHS PA students in FY 03.

The Master of Public Health Program

The Institute of Circumpolar Health Studies (ICHS) and community and academic partners built a UAA Masters in Public Health in Public Health Practice degree program, and the University's Board of Regents approved the MPH program in June of 2002. The MPH program was initiated in January 2003 and graduated its first two students in May 2005.

Program Expansion

In 2004, the Department hired two full-time faculty and provided instructional support for the development of other classes. The Department is continuing to work with other colleges to expand the programs of the BSHS. At the same time it is working with organizations external to UAA in developing content within the MPH program that is responsive to the academic training needs of those individuals throughout Alaska that hold full-time positions and desire this degree. The structure of the MPH program is designed to make distance delivery of the entire curriculum possible.