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Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Travis Hedwig Assistant Dean, Associate Professor 907-229-2784 thhedwig@alaska.edu
Kristin Stoepler Assistant Professor, BSHS Program Chair 907-786-6536 kmstoepler@alaska.edu
Britteny Howell Associate Professor, NRC-ANE Co-Director 907-786-6565 bmhowell2@alaska.edu
Lisa Schwarzburg Assistant Professor 907-786-6531 llschwarzburg@alaska.edu
Corrie Whitmore Associate Professor   cwhitmor@alaska.edu

Master of Public Health Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Philippe Amstislavski Professor, Biomaterials Lab Lead Researcher   pamstislavski@alaska.edu
Gabriel Garcia Professor, MPH Program Chair 907-786-6532 ggarci16@alaska.edu
Jennifer Meyer Assistant Professor 907-786-5482 jameyer2@alaska.edu
Jenny Miller Professor 907-786-6588 vlmiller2@alaska.edu

Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Ruby Fried Assistant Professor of Health Sciences 907-786-6517 rlfried@alaska.edu
Micah Hahn Associate Professor of Environmental Health 907-786-6577 mbhahn@alaska.edu
Lauren Lessard Assistant Professor of Public Health   lnlessard@alaska.edu

Research Center Staff & Students

Name Title Phone Email
Nelsha Athauda ICHS Research Associate 907-786-6263 nrathauda@alaska.edu
Theresa Vertigan ICHS Research Associate 907-786-6580 tvertigan@alaska.edu
Nicholas Beckage Biomaterials Lab Research Professional   nbbeckage@alaska.edu
Dasha Petrov Biomaterials Lab Intern   dapetrov@alaska.edu


Name Title Phone Email
Chynna Lockett Communications Coordinator   clockett2@alaska.edu 
Yvette Rodgers Administrative Specialist 907-786-6545 ydrodgers@alaska.edu
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