Div. of Population Health Sciences Faculty & Staff

Div. of Population Health Sciences Team

  • Philippe Amstislavski“Here in the U.S. we use plastic foams for our fishing and our housing insulation and those don’t biodegrade, they become microplastics and end up in the ocean or air and that creates a host of problems. We’re looking at the tip of the iceberg to understand what the implications are, but it’s not great news that we are putting more and more plastic into our environment, because it accumulates up the food chain, in the animals we eat and ends up in us. Plastics production also has a massive carbon footprint and creates toxic waste streams.”

    — Philippe Amstislavski


Undergraduate Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Andre Rosay Acting Assistant Dean of Population Health 907-786-1821 abrosay@alaska.edu
Travis Hedwig Associate Professor, Interim Chair   thhedwig@alaska.edu
Kristin Stoepler Assistant Professor, BSHS Program Coordinator 907-786-6536 kmstoepler@alaska.edu
Britteny Howell Assistant Professor 907-786-6565 bmhowell2@alaska.edu
Lisa Schwarzburg Assistant Professor 907-786-6531 llschwarzburg@alaska.edu
Corrie Whitmore Associate Professor   cwhitmor@alaska.edu


Graduate Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Philippe Amstislavski Professor   pamstislavski@alaska.edu
Gabriel Garcia Professor, MPH Program Coordinator 907-786-6532 ggarci16@alaska.edu
Jennifer Meyer Assistant Professor 907-786-5482 jameyer2@alaska.edu
Jenny Miller Professor 907-786-6588 vlmiller2@alaska.edu


Research Center Faculty & Staff

Name Title Phone Email
Ruby Fried Assistant Professor 907-786-6517 rlfried@alaska.edu
Micah Hahn Associate Professor 907-786-6577 mbhahn@alaska.edu
Lauren Lessard Assistant Professor   lnlessard@alaska.edu
R. David Parker Professor, Director of Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies   rdparker2@alaska.edu
Nelsha Athauda Research Associate 907-786-6263 nrathauda@alaska.edu
Theresa Vertigan Research Associate 907-786-6580 tvertigan@alaska.edu



Name Title Phone Email
Yvette Rodgers Administrative Specialist 907-786-6545 ydrodgers@alaska.edu