Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program

MEDEX Physician Assistant Track

MEDEX Admission Requirements

CastingIf you have a MEDEX certificate, and are seeking to complete your BSHS degree, click here.

Complete the Admission to Baccalaureate Programs Requirements in the UAA Catalog Chapter 7, “Academic Standards and Regulations.” Students who declare a Health Sciences major and do not meet the additional admission requirements listed below, but do meet the University’s general admission requirements, will be admitted as Health Sciences pre-majors (see pre-major admission below).

Health Care Experience 
Students without health care experience should note that admission to the MEDEX program requires a minimum of two (2) years of recent, full-time, hands on experience in the direct delivery of medical care to patients in addition to specific academic requirements. (See “NOTE” below, under Full Admission). Students should meet with an advisor in the Health Sciences Department to discuss what type of work experience will meet this admission requirement.

For more information visit MEDEX Northwest Physician Assistant Program.

Pre-Major Admission 
Students admitted, as pre-majors must contact an advisor in the Health Sciences Department and plan their academic schedule carefully in order to satisfy both the UAA BSHS admission and degree requirements and the MEDEX admission and program requirements.

Full Admission 
To apply for full admission to the BSHS program, students must:

1.Have completed UW MEDEX admission requirements and have received formal notification of admission to the MEDEX program OR have graduated from an ARC-PA accredited program.

2. Complete a Change of Major form requesting a change of admission status from pre-major to full major.

NOTE: Students seeking admission to the MEDEX program must take complete the following pre-major courses: ENGL A111, ENGL A212, BIOL A111/L, BIOL A112/L and CHEM A103/L or BIOL. A102 or BIOL A240. PSY A111 or PSY A150 is also highly recommended.

(The MEDEX program requires a minimum grade of B- in each course applied toward the UW admission requirements.)

Academic Progress 
Students in pre-major admission status who are unsuccessful after three attempts to be admitted into the MEDEX program will be removed from the BSHS degree program. MEDEX students who do not successfully complete or are dismissed from the MEDEX program may be removed from the BSHS program.

Certified Physician Assistant Degree Completion

BSHS Classroom

Admission Requirements 
Students who have graduated from the UW MEDEX program or another accredited PA program, and hold a current NCCPA certificat ion may be admitted to the UAA BS HS degree program to complete their degrees.

They must meet the Baccalaureate Degree Programs Admission Requirements in Chapter 7 of this catalog and must submit official transcripts and official documentation of successful PA program completion.

Students admitted to the BSHS Program who hold a current PA Certificate through an ARC-PA accredited program and satisfy all UAA requirements may be awarded credits for the certificate and apply those credits toward the BSHS. Contact the BSHS Department for details.