Support students by serving on Standing Scholarship Committee

by Michelle Saport  |   

The Office of Student Financial Assistance has an opportunity for volunteers to serve on the UAA Standing Scholarship Committee (SSC). Serving in this capacity allows staff and faculty to reaffirm their commitment to student success in a rewarding and creative way. Few committee members walk away without being touched by the myriad experiences our students live. Reading scholarship essays will remind you of just what a diverse, capable and deserving student population claims UAA and you cannot avoid being motivated by their efforts. Allow yourself an opportunity to make our students' achievements vicariously yours and sign up to serve at the UAA Standing Scholarship Committee website.

Members of the SSC will be tasked to read and score between 100 and 200 essays submitted by UAA scholarship applicants. A rubric will be provided to assist in assigning objective essay scores in the following categories: goals and plans, extracurricular involvement, additional considerations and presentation (grammar and spelling). SSC members must return scores by Friday, April 5.

Questions? Please contact Shauna Grant, acting assistant director of Student Financial Assistance, at (907) 786-6170 or

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