Updates/Announcements From the Office of the Registrar

To receive regular e-mail correspondence indicating changes in procedures, reminders of important dates and deadlines, and other information please e-mail lora@uaa.alaska.edu and ask to be added to the administrative listserv.


Course Number/Detail Search: Find available course numbers by viewing all course numbers currently or previously in use for a given prefix. Shows detailed information about courses, including links to CARs/CCGs. Updated continuously.

Course Updates: Excel spreadsheet of all approved course adds, deletes and changes for the academic year. Updated continuously.

Curriculum Action Requests (CAR) & Course Content Guides (CCGs): PDF files of all active academic courses. Updated continuously.

Curriculum Process: Curriculum Handbook and other curriculum related resources.

Faculty and Administrative Forms: Scheduling and student related forms initiated by staff and faculty.

Faculty Initiated Drop/Withdrawal Form: A faculty member may initiate a drop or withdrawal for students who fail to meet individual course attendance requirements. 

Faculty Override (UAOnline) Instructions

Semester Schedule/Fee Search: An easy-to-use class schedule and fee search providing several ways to query class schedule information.  Data is downloaded from the Banner database daily.  All classes are shown except those that have been cancelled. For the most up-to-date information, use the UAOnline Course Search. 

Student Worker - FERPA Statement of Understanding Form

Web Grading Instructions & FAQ's