Accessibility Notices

University Responsibility

All publications (web and print) as well as all events that take place on UA campuses must be accessible to eligible persons with disabilities. Whenever possible, materials and events should be accessible by design.  When adjustment is needed, Disability Support Services can provide assistance.

Departments or units hosting events or publishing information are ultimately responsible for ensuring that adequate notice is given so that eligible persons can make requests for accommodation in a timely manner.

Accessibility Statements for Publications and Programs

Please use an accessibility statement for all programs, publications, and events at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

1. Publications should include the following statement:

This document is available in alternative formats upon request.

2. Registration materials and program announcements, which include bulletins, flyers, brochures, letters, public service announcements, or other materials used to inform the public of the event or program should include a statement such as:

β€œTo request accommodation please contact  _____.” 


"American Sign Language Interpreters and other Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request. Please contact  _____  at least 48 to 72 hours in advance.”

Note that if the University receives short notice a good faith effort must be made to fill the request, however advance planning is strongly encouraged.

If an event will have ASL Interpreters available please include the following symbol.

ASl Symbol

3. Syllabus statements should also be included so that students in courses know that Disability Support Services is the appropriate contact for academic adjustments on the basis of disability. A syllabus statement can be brief, for example:

If you experience a disability and would like information about support services, contact Disability Support Services, located in RH 112 at 786-4530.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Am I required to provide accommodation?
A) Yes, the University of Alaska Anchorage is a federally funded institution and is mandated by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition to this federal mandate, it is vital that accommodation be provided in the interest of improving campus climate and honoring the natural diversity that defines any given population.

Q) How do I arrange for accommodation?
A) Disability Support Services is happy to help arrange for accommodation. We request as much advance notification as possible. Preferably at least 48 to 72 hours.

Q) How much notice does a participant have to give?
A) There is no cutoff point after which the university can deny a request, however advance notice should be requested. The university must make a good faith effort to provide appropriate accommodation whenever a request comes in.

Q) Who pays the cost of disability accommodations at extra-curricular events?
A) The sponsoring department, unit, or organization pays the cost of accommodation for any participant who makes a reasonable request. There may be funding strategies that DSS can recommend, but planning for a diverse population is strongly encouraged.

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