Accuplacer is a UAA's computerized placement test to assess your skills in Writing. Students are only permitted to register for Writing courses at the level indicated by the student's Accuplacer, ACT or SAT Scores. Cut off scores for placement into Writing can be found in the UAA Schedule of Classes.  

How do I study for the test?

Here are several resources to help you prepare of the test:

How do I sign up for the test?

Sign up to take the test at UAA Testing Center. There is a fee of $21.00. The Accuplacer is administered four times daily at the UAA Testing Center: 8:30 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm and 2:30 pm. Examinees who have base access may test at the UAA - JBER testing locations on Elmendorf or Fort Richardson. Please note JBER locations have different test times. 

How can I take the Accuplacer remotely?

Distance or Remote Accuplacer tests are available to testers who are unable to physically test at the UAA Testing Center.  We require all testing to be done in a proctored setting.  

Who must take the ACCUPLACER test?

Students admitted to UAA who need to complete college level Writing must complete the Accuplacer placement test or submit ACT/SAT scores at a level high enough for placement into WRTG A111. Your registration into required Writing courses is restricted until  placement scores are on record. 

What are the required scores to for Writing classes?

WRTG A111 requires:

  • ACT English 22
  • AT Critical Reading 530
  • SAT Evidence Based Reading/Writing 560

Score Placement Chart

How long are my scores valid for placement?

Accuplacer, ACT, and SAT scores which place students into Writing A111 do not expire. Accuplacer scores which place students into Preparatory English (PRPE classes) do not expire, however it is recommended to retest after two years.   

How Do I Get My Results?

Results are given at the conclusion of the test. Students are also provided information to contact an academic advisor for assistance with program planning, course selection and registration. It is not possible to "fail" Accuplacer. Matching current skill level with the correct beginning courses in English will increase likelihood of success as students begin their program of study. 

Can I Retest?

Yes, after a minimum wait of 2 days, students are allowed to retest. Students may test a total of twice per semester. Students must pay $21.00 each time they take the Accuplacer. Students testing under Ability to Benefit are required by federal guidelines to wait a minimum of two weeks between tests. 

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