International Credit

Students that have attended a post-secondary institution outside of the United States must submit an official copy of their academic transcript to World Education Services (WES) Do not submit your foreign transcripts directly to UAA. WES will analyze your international degrees and/or coursework and provide U.S. equivalents.

With foreign transcripts, translation into English is only half of the challenge. Since academic terminology is not consistent between countries, transcript terms like "module," "course" or "paper" need to be rendered into their U.S. equivalents. WES has the resources to accurately determine how much semester hour credit is appropriate to grant for a 17 "unit" class or what the U.S. equivalent is for final grades like "14" or "Q."

Transferring Credit

  • International Transcripts must be evaluated by WES (World Education Services) before UAA can consider the coursework for transfer.
  • Without exception, credits from international schools transfer as electives. Your academic advisor will assist you with petitioning courses to meet any applicable degree requirements.
  • International students holding baccalaureate degrees will have their General Education Requirements waived provided WES equates the coursework as equivalent in all aspects to a United States baccalaureate degree.

Graduate Program Applicants

UAA needs a copy of your WES Basic Course-by-Course Evaluation if you earned a foreign baccalaureate degree and/or plan to petition foreign credits to fulfill graduate degree requirements. Otherwise you do not need to order a WES evaluation or an official copy of your foreign transcript.

Canadian Institutions

Please email and include the name(s) of the institution(s) you attended. A Transfer Credit Specialist will let you know if a WES evaluation is necessary.

World Education Services (WES)

Order an evaluation directly from WES. It is important to select the Education Report Purpose option. Choose the WES Basic Course-by-Course Evaluation option, then pay the associated fee directly to WES. Designate UAA as the recipient of the evaluation. UAA does not accept WES evaluations from students. 

World Education Services (WES)